Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Blog Year In Review

Well, I have officially finished my first year of blogging.  At times I didn't blog as much as I wanted to or blog about different events and topics that I wanted to, but in the end I'm very happy with what I have accomplished.  I have really enjoyed blogging this year and look forward to the New Year of blogging.

I want to say thank you to everyone that has followed my blog over the past year.  It has been great connecting with family and friends, as well as new friends I have made from across the country through this experience.  I hope to expand my network of followers in the new year by having content worthy blogging that attracts a variety of viewers.

I got an idea from "From small-town Iowa girl, to big-city Ag lawyer" (@eburnsthompson) to share my "Year in Review" statistics from my blog.  In 2012 I found the time to put together 122 posts for this blog, that got 16,537 views from 10 different countries.  The most popular posts for the year included:

  1. Rules of a Farm Wife (Spring Edition)
  2. Rules of a Farmer (How to Have a Happy Farm Wife)
  3. Cy's Cook Off - Cardinal & Gold Cream Cheese Burger
  4. My 100th Blog Post!!!
  5. When Life Makes You Slow Down
Thanks again for your support this past year during my first year of blogging.  May you and your family have a blessed New Year!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Walking through Sand instead of Snow for a few days

Enjoying a beautiful December day on the beach, with my feet in the sand....

LP and My Farmer's feet in the sand
Wait - that doesn't sound right!  December means celebrating Christmas and playing in the snow, not relaxing in the sand.  Well, this year I've been able to do it all.  My Farmer, LP and I just got back from a few days in Miami, where we celebrated and participated in My Farmer's sister's wedding.

My Farmer's Sister and her new Husband at their wedding reception
My Farmer and I during his sister's wedding reception
LP having fun at the wedding reception
(LP enjoyed not having to wear shoes for the beach wedding I think most of all!)
I don't have too many photos from the actual wedding day because I was busy with everything involved with being the matron-of-honor.  But I do have pictures from other things we did in Miami, including some "firsts" for LP.  

My Farmer and LP getting ready for LP's first plane ride
LP did a great job both ways of the flight
LP playing in the sand for the first time during the rehearsal
A quick family photo after the rehearsal
LP playing the ocean for the first time
LP having fun in the ocean
LP playing in the sand
Enjoying our time in the ocean
We had a great time in Miami and we were all honored to be apart of such a special wedding.  We wish My Farmer's sister and husband a blessed and life-long marriage!

An ocean view (and backdrop for the wedding ceremony)
A night-time view from the reception area

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas From My Family to Your's

Merry Christmas!  We had a great time with family the last couple of weeks celebrating Christmas.  Here are a few photos (from the tons I took) to show you a little of what and where we've been.  I hope you and your family enjoyed celebrating as much as we did!

LP and My Farmer on a very cold and windy day picking out our Christmas tree

LP playing with his new tractor with wagon and corn stalk bailer

LP opening gifts from My Farmer & I and Santa Clause

LP posing with some of his gifts
(including cheese blocks from a  meat and cheese gift box from a landlord)

LP was one lucky boy and got a pedal tractor
(LP also got a motorized tractor and wagon for Christmas too - that'll be fun this summer)

LP and My Farmer opening gifts (and wearing gifts) at my grandparent's house

What does a farmer truly get excited about:
a new pair of Muck boots, a  new  Carhartt sweatshirt and a new Leatherman

Our only family photo from Christmas...  I'll work better on that next year!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Update

Wow!  I have not been good about blogging since Thanksgiving!  I guess, just like all of you, I've gotten busy with getting ready for Christmas, going to Christmas parties, directing our Children's Christmas program at church, etc.  Plus we've been busy with things for my sister-in-law's wedding that is at the end of the month.  I know I don't have to explain being busy during December.  December always seems to be a busy month.

To brighten your day, I thought I'd share some of our Christmas card photo out-takes from this year.  For the last four years since My Farmer and I got married, we've taken a Christmas Card photo in front of our west wind break using the self-timer on my camera every year.  It is one of our Christmas traditions.  Here's a look at this year's Christmas card photo:

Looks like our dog Bailey would rather look at us than the camera.
(This seems hard to explain to her every year...
Bailey you have to look at that random camera on tri-pod in the middle of the yard, not us.
This ones great, both LP and Bailey are not wanting to look at the camera.
LP and Bailey talking to each other - "Hey Bailey, how are you doing?"
It's not just our dog Bailey and LP that make a photo not a keeper.
Not sure how both My Farmer's and my eyes were both closed on the same photo?
And the winner!
Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Santa Visits

My Farmer and I thought visiting Santa might not go the best this year - LP is at the stage that it takes him awhile to warm up to people.  So we decided to try to visit Santa when he came to the library, because one of LP's favorite places to go is the library:

LP visiting Santa at the Library
As you can see he wasn't the biggest fan when we wanted him to sit on his lap.  So we figured we'd try one more time when Santa was at our local fire station.  LP actually knows Santa, so we thought it might go a little better:

LP visiting Santa at the Fire Station
It did go a little better...  It must be the red suit!  We figure these pictures will be priceless someday!