Friday, January 27, 2017

Slow-Cooker Smoky BBQ Pork Ribs and 20+ Game Day Foods #FootballFood

Do you ever go on a Pinterest binge where you find yourself pinning something everyday for days on end?  Well, that has been me lately; between trying new zoodle recipes (or any excuse to use my new spiralizer), to getting ready to celebrate Mr. K and Miss L's birthdays, to preparing for next weekend's Big Game, it seems like I'm turning to Pinterest every night to help me think through ideas.  Well, today, I'm passing the addiction on to you and I'm sharing my Slow-Cooker Smoky BBQ Pork Ribs along with over 20 other great recipes from some of my blogging friends to help you find a great dish for next weekend's Big Game or really any day 😊

When it comes to the Big Game, I don't know about you, but I'm really only there to watch it so I can eat great food and hopefully see a couple good commercials.  So for me, anything that is simple and can sit around, is a win for me.  That is why for my Smoky BBQ Pork Ribs, made with Chipolte Chiles in Adobo Sauce, I turned to my slow-cooker.  I hope you enjoy these easy, savory Pork Ribs at your Big Game Party!

Slow-Cooker Smoky BBQ Pork Ribs and 20+ Game Day Foods #FootballFood

Slow-Cooker Smoky BBQ Pork Ribs

4# Country Style Pork Ribs
4 garlic cloves, minced
Salt and Pepper

BBQ Sauce:
1 cup Ketchup
1/4 cup Brown Sugar
1/4 cup Chipolte Chiles in Adobo Sauce, chopped
2 Tbsp Worcestershire Sauce
1 tsp Salt

Place pork ribs in a slow cooker.  Sprinkle with salt, pepper and minced garlic.  Cover and cook on low for 4 hours.

About 30 minutes before serving, drain and discard juices from the slow cooker and pour or spoon BBQ Sauce over the ribs.  To make the BBQ Sauce, combine all the ingredients and mix well.  (And by the way, this is my go-to BBQ Sauce that I use on everything!)

***Cook's Tip***  Chipolte Chiles in Adobo Sauce is bought in a small can.  You will never use the entire can in one recipe, so what I do is put the entire can (chiles and sauces) in the food processor and mince til the chiles are finely chopped.  I then use the mixed chopped chiles and sauce in the recipe as directed and put the unused in a freezer storage bag.  I freeze the leftovers and then thaw the bag the next time I need chipolte chiples in adobo for a recipe, like for my Sweet and Spicy Hog Wild Baked Beans, recipe #20 down below. 😉

Slow-Cooker Smoky BBQ Pork Ribs and 20+ Game Day Foods #FootballFoods

Ready for over 20 other great #FootballFood recipes to get you ready for the Big Game from some of my blogging friends and I?  

#FootballFood Great Grub for Game Day and Any Day, 20+ Recipes
Here they are - you'll have to comment below and let me know which recipe you're most excited about!

#FootballFood Great Grub for Game Day and Any Day, 20+ Recipes

   1. Mini Sweet and Spicy Cheese Ball from Dad What's 4 Dinner
   2. Mexican Queso Dip from Palatable Pastime
   3. Baked Onion Dip from Family Around the Table
   4. Sloppy Joe Buffalo Chicken Sliders from Tip Garden
   5. 5 Ingredient Loaded Baked Potato Dip from Corn, Beans, Pigs, Kids
   6. Buffalo Chicken Taquitos from Cooking With Carlee
   7. Toasted Mexican Ravioli from Jolene's Recipe Journal

#FootballFood Great Grub for Game Day and Any Day, 20+ Recipes

    8. Bacon Wrapped Shrimp Jalapeno Poppers from Cooking With Carlee
   10. Masala Spiced "Bollywood" Popcorn from Palatable Pastime
   11. Spicy Beer Bratwurst Sliders from Dad Whats 4 Dinner
   12. Caramel Crispix Mix from Corn, Beans, Pigs, Kids
   13. Pizza Quesadillas from Jolene's Recipe Journal
   14. Pepperoni Cheese Pizza Sliders from Family Around the Table

#FootballFood Great Grub for Game Day and Any Day, 20+ Recipes

   15. Healthy Turkey and Cheese Roll-Ups from Palatable Pastime
   16. Game Day Black Bean Habanero Chili from Dad What's 4 Dinner
   17. Warm and Cheesy Pulled Pork Dip from Cooking With Carlee
   18. Cinnamon Streusel Dessert Pizza from Tip Garden
   19. Raspberry Glazed Chicken Wings from Family Around the Table
   20. Sweet and Spicy Hog Wild Baked Beans from Corn, Beans, Pigs, Kids
   21. Doritos Locos Nachos from Jolene's Recipe Journal

So what do you enjoy the most about the Big Game?  Are you there to watch football?  Watch commercials?  Watch the half-time show?  Tell me below and remember to Comment for a Cause!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Bloom Where You Are Planted

It doesn't seem possible that it is Friday after the New Year already.  I normally do a New Year Goals post at the beginning of each year but I got to thinking as the New Year rolled around that I really didn't have any new goals.  I concentrated on eating healthier and being more active after Miss R arrived this summer, and I plan to continue doing that.  I wanted to continue to focus on mine and my family's routine this year.  And I wanted to continue to simply build a happy home.  At first, I didn't know if this was a good thing, or a bad thing.  But then I read my morning devotion, which I started as a goal this past fall, on January 1st and the first line said, "Lord, guide my choices today so they will bloom blessings for the generation tomorrow."

Corn, Beans, Pigs & Kids - Bloom Blessing in the New Year
Fun Fact! Those are soybean flowers
I thought WOW!  How perfect!  I love and live by the saying, "Bloom where you are planted."  And then to read, and remind myself, how my choices will impact me and future generations, just seem to work completely.

Grow Where You Are Planted
Another Fun Fact! This a row of corn
sprouting out of one of our fields
As a Wife and Mom, I work hard to provide opportunities for my family.  I want to see my husband and all four of my kids succeed both now and in the future.  How can I do this?  Share God with them.  Show my love to them.  Spend time with them.  Can it really be that simple?  I think so.  And I think it is one of the most important things I can do right now.

As a Farmer, I'm working hard to make the right choices and decisions for our farm, so our land and animals are the best and healthiest they can be.  I also want to do this so my kids can be the sixth generation of farmers in our family.

So how are you blooming blessings?  Remember to Comment for a Cause!  And I hope you all are having a great start to your New Year!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Comments for a Cause - Ronald McDonald House

Comments for a Cause - Ronald McDonald House
Happy New Year!  It's not only the start of the New Year, it is also the start of a new week and the start of January.  Talk about a great day for a great start!  In 2017 I am going to be continuing my Comments for a Cause efforts and I'm excited to start off my fourth year of the program with an organization that I have a personal connection with.  But before I talk about January's cause, let's talk about Iowa Cookie Crumbs that I highlighted over the last two months; in November and December I had 37 comments equaling a $18.50 donation to help their efforts of sending homemade cookies to servicemen and women deployed overseas.

In the month of January I'm looking forward to helping families stay close to each other during long hospital stays by donating $0.50 for every comment made on my blog to the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Comments for a Cause - Ronald McDonald House

Mr. K with our
Ronald McDonald House
giving tree ornaments
I was reminded about how important the Ronald McDonald House is at the beginning of the holiday season when our local McDonald's Restaurant had a "giving tree" with requests for our local Ronald McDonald House in Rochester.  The kids and I picked out a few requests from the tree, bought the items needed and returned them to the restaurant where they were then sent to the house.

See, this "giving tree" reminded me of my family's time staying at the Rochester Ronald McDonald House while my cousin Jake was receiving cancer treatments.  My cousin and his Mom (my Aunt) lived in Kansas City, and he was at Mayo in Rochester, 400 miles away from home, for over six months.  To help out my Aunt and my Cousin, we had a family member with him up in Rochester every week he was at Mayo.  This was only possible with the help of the Ronald McDonald House.  Our family had a room there that whoever was staying with Jake for the week was able to sleep at.  It was a great place to be able to rest and recharge, while being close to Jake.  My family didn't have to worry about finding a place to stay, or where the money was going to come from, especially for my Aunt, when medical bills were increasing monthly during my cousin's cancer treatments.  Besides a place to stay, the staff, volunteers and other family members staying at the house were very supportive and were willing to help you out with any of your needs.

In addition to my family's personal experience at the Ronald McDonald House, we've also had friends that have stayed at the Des Moines Ronald McDonald House while their infant received care.  For both of these situations, and so many others, having a sick child that is receiving hospital care can be both an emotional and financial stress for a family.  The Ronald McDonald House addresses these problems by providing housing near the hospitalized child in 362 Ronald McDonald Houses across the world in 63 countries.  Besides a place to stay, my family also appreciated the home cooked meals and kitchen space, computer lab and activities, books, etc. available to use while visiting at the hospital.

So help me support the Ronald McDonald House's efforts to lessen the stress of having a hospitalized child for families by keeping them close to each other by commenting all month long.  Have you ever stayed at a Ronald McDonald House or volunteered at one before?  Remember to Comment for a Cause.