Thursday, May 24, 2018

Simple and Easy Hobo Packets for the Family

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No matter if you are camping with a fire pit or at home with a grill, these simple and easy Hobo Foil Meal Packs are perfect for the entire family.

Simple and Easy Hobo Packets for the Family #BBQWeek #sponsored

When I started dating my now husband, one thing I always remembered was that his family would make foil packs regularly whenever we would fire up the grill.  So over the last fourteen years I have developed my go-to hobo foil meal packet that I love to make with my family for on the grill, or especially whenever we go camping.

Simple and Easy Hobo Packets for the Family #BBQWeek #sponsored

Every hobo pack needs a good base, and for me, I've discovered that bacon is the perfect first layer.  The bacon adds flavor and cooking fat to the rest of pack, and I mean, it's bacon.  You can never go wrong with bacon!

Next is an even layer of potato slices.  Don't stack your potatoes and instead lay them out in a single layer so they all can cook and develop a crispy crust on the outside.  

The next addition to the hobo pack are your vegetables.  My family and I have made this recipe with several different vegetables (carrots, peppers, mushrooms, zucchini, etc.) and we always love to make them with whatever is in season.  Right now our whole family is loving that it is asparagus season, so we added some Michigan Asparagus to these packs.  One nice thing about Michigan Asparagus is that they hand-snap all of their asparagus so you don't have to worry about doing that at home to get rid of the woody ends, and can simply wash, cook and enjoy.

Then you add your meat.  Burgers with lots of spices always seem to work best for us.  I loved using Adams Extract and Spice's Burgers Fries and More Seasoning in these burgers.  This is a delicious, balanced, all-purpose seasoning that was perfect for not only my pork burger, but everything in the foil meal pack.  

Finally, top your burger with some sliced onions and another dash of seasoning over the entire pack.  Fold up the ends and seal your packs and you're ready to start cooking.  These hobo packs are not only delicious, as everything cooks together, picking up all of the flavors from each ingredient, but they are also simple and easy to make.  Your entire family can help build the packs.  Plus I love that clean up is a cinch.

Simple and Easy Hobo Packets for the Family #BBQWeek #sponsored

Family Style Hobo Packs

2# Ground Pork
3 Tbsp Adams Extract and Spice Burgers Fries and More Seasoning
1/2 cup Bread crumbs
1 Egg
12 strips of Bacon
6 medium Potatoes, sliced
24+ Michigan Asparagus spears
2 Onions, sliced
Dash Adams Extract and Spice Burgers Fries and More Seasoning

Mix the ground pork, seasoning, bread crumbs and egg well and form into six burger patties.  Using a large sheet of aluminum foil start assembling your hobo packs.  First lay two strips of bacon in an X.  Then make a single layer or sliced potatoes on top of the bacon.  Next, add a couple asparagus spears, cut in half along each side of the potatoes.  Then place your burger patty on top of the potatoes, topped with some sliced onion and a dash of seasoning over the entire foil pack.  Then fold up the aluminum foil to create a sealed pack and repeat five more times.  Place the packets on your grill.  Cook until the potatoes are tender, around 20-30 minutes depending on the heat of your grill or fire.

My whole family loves making these Hobo packs and I hope you and your family will try them now too.  What are your favorite foods to make while camping?  Let me know and Comment for a Cause!

Also, be sure to sign up for the BBQ Week giveaway and check out all of the other great recipes being shared today as part of BBQ Week.

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Monday, May 21, 2018

Summertime Grilling with Blueberry and White Pepper Pork Chops

Fire up your grill with these marinated Blueberry and White Pepper Pork Chops.  The lightly sweet marinade caramelizes on the pork chops on the grill and the Blueberry Pico served on top brings a bright, contrast that will make your taste buds wanting more!

With the unofficial start of summer beginning this weekend, I've joined up with some of my blogging friends to share some great BBQ recipes this week.  While I do love to grill and smoke all year long, there is something nice about having May arrive and not having to worry about pushing snow off my grill...

One of my favorite things to grill are pork chops.  They are a quick 15 minute meal on the grill and they are so versatile for any flavor profile you're craving.  My number one tip for grilling pork chops is to take them off at 145°F and then let them rest a few minutes before serving.

I also love to marinade or brine my pork chops.  This is as simple as starting the marinade as you turn on your grill to warm up, or having them marinade for a few hours.  The inspiration behind this recipe was Blueberry and White Pepper Not Ketchup.  This sauce is made from blueberries, mustard, and a little bit of white pepper.  I thought this flavor combination would be perfect for a pork chop marinade so I combined the sauce with a little bit of apple cider vinegar and had my chops marinade in the sauce for a couple of hours.

To compliment the marinaded pork chops I decided to make a quick blueberry pico de gallo to bring it all together.  This dish is the perfect way to celebrate National BBQ Month and summer.

Grilled Blueberry and White Pepper Pork Chops

1 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar
4 ]Pork Chops
1/2 cup Blueberries, fresh
1 cup Pico de gallo

Combine Blueberry and White Pepper Not Ketchup with Apple Cider Vinegar in gallon plastic bag and mix around to combine.  Place pork chops in bag making sure to coat each pork chop.  I used Boneless Loin Pork Chops because those are my children's favorite kind of pork chop.  Let pork chops marinade in the refrigerator a minimum of 30 minutes, preferably 3-4 hours.

After the chops are marinated, remove the chops and discard the marinade.  Place chops on high heat and sear each side 1-2 minutes.  Then turn temperature down to medium-low heat, or move to indirect heat and grill 3-4 minutes per side (depending on size of pork chop) with lid closed.  Remove pork chops when they reach 145°F and let them rest a few minutes before grilling.

Serve chops topped with Blueberry Pico (combine blueberries and pico de gallo).

Be sure to check out all the other great recipes shared today as part of BBQ Week and sign up for the BBQ Week prize package below!  What is your favorite thing to grill?  Remember to Comment for a Cause!

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Monday, May 14, 2018

Spring Salads with Celebrate 365

Spring brings us amazing produce at our local grocery stores, farmers markets and gardens, and a great way to enjoy the fresh fruits and vegetables is in a spring salad.

Spring Salad Blog Party - link up your favorite salad recipes #Celebrate365

When my Celebrate 365 co-hosts (Carlee from Cooking with Carlee, Jan of The Tip Garden and Nicole of Tales of a Kansas Farm Mom) and I were talking about what we should celebrate this month through a Blog Party the idea of salads came up.  With so many great things to celebrate in the coming weeks - graduation, end of school, Memorial Day, etc. we thought that sharing some delicious spring salad recipes that you can eat with family and friends would be perfect!

One of my favorite salads to make for any family or friends gathering is my Overnight Salad.  I love this salad for several reasons.  First, this lettuce and cauliflower salad is the perfect addition to any get together spread and it's a light salad, compared to the pasta and potato salads that also usually are at any gathering.  Second, you make it the night before, which is always nice, especially if your hosting, as it is one less thing you need to worry about that day.  Third, this salad can feed a crowd.  And fourth, it has BACON in it.

Overnight Salad - a perfect spring salad to bring to your next gathering or potluck #Celebrate365

What is your favorite spring salad to make for yourself or to bring to a potluck?  Be sure to Comment for a Cause below and if you are a blogger, link up your best spring salad recipes below!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Comments for a Cause: United Through Reading

Happy May Day!  It's the first of May and time to talk Comments for a Cause.  But before I talk about this month's recipient, let's review last month's cause, my local school's Kindergarten Class's Book Drive for the Latimer Little Free Library.  During the month of April I had 57 comments, equaling a donation of $28.50.  I'm excited to present this to the Kindergarten class at the end of the month when I get to meet them on their field trip to the Latimer Little Free Library, as they help me give the library a fresh coat of paint and fill up the library with new books!  I'll be sure to keep you posted on their field trip at the end of the school year!

Now for the month of May, in honor of National Military Appreciation Month I am donating $0.50 for every comment made on my blog to United Through Reading.

Comments for a Cause:  United Through Reading
As many of you know I am a part of a military family.  My youngest sister has been in the Army National Guard for almost fourteen years and one of my brother-in-laws served in the Marines for eight years.  I am very proud of both of them and love the community that we have gotten to know through their years of service and deployments.

Deployments can be a hard time for military families.  Each time my youngest sister has been deployed it was for nearly a year.  That is a long time away from loved ones and that is where United Through Reading comes in to help.

United Through Reading "offers military service members who are away from home the opportunity to be video-recorded reading storybooks to the children in their lives, creating positive emotional connections and a love of reading."

Comments for a Cause:  United Through Reading
Picture provided by United Through Reading

During one of my sister's deployments, my family actually received a video and book through this program.  While my sister was in Iraq she signed up for the program, selected a book and recorded it for us.  We then received the book and video in the mail.  It was an amazing gift and meant so much to all of us.  The United Through Reading program:

  • Eases the stress of separation
  • Builds family resiliency
  • Makes homecomings easier
  • Cultivates a love of reading

Comments for a Cause:  United Through Reading
Picture provided by United Through Reading

United Through Reading has been serving military families since 1989 and has recorded more than two million videos and books.  Help me contribute to this great organization that supports military families by commenting on my blog all month long.  Are you apart of a military family?  Have you received a book and video through United Through Reading?  What is your favorite children's book?  Remember to Comment for a Cause to help all children in military families have a very special story to listen to.