Monday, May 14, 2018

Spring Salads with Celebrate 365

Spring brings us amazing produce at our local grocery stores, farmers markets and gardens, and a great way to enjoy the fresh fruits and vegetables is in a spring salad.

Spring Salad Blog Party - link up your favorite salad recipes #Celebrate365

When my Celebrate 365 co-hosts (Carlee from Cooking with Carlee, Jan of The Tip Garden and Nicole of Tales of a Kansas Farm Mom) and I were talking about what we should celebrate this month through a Blog Party the idea of salads came up.  With so many great things to celebrate in the coming weeks - graduation, end of school, Memorial Day, etc. we thought that sharing some delicious spring salad recipes that you can eat with family and friends would be perfect!

One of my favorite salads to make for any family or friends gathering is my Overnight Salad.  I love this salad for several reasons.  First, this lettuce and cauliflower salad is the perfect addition to any get together spread and it's a light salad, compared to the pasta and potato salads that also usually are at any gathering.  Second, you make it the night before, which is always nice, especially if your hosting, as it is one less thing you need to worry about that day.  Third, this salad can feed a crowd.  And fourth, it has BACON in it.

Overnight Salad - a perfect spring salad to bring to your next gathering or potluck #Celebrate365

What is your favorite spring salad to make for yourself or to bring to a potluck?  Be sure to Comment for a Cause below and if you are a blogger, link up your best spring salad recipes below!


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