Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Funny

Last week I said I'd share some more information from the Iowa Farm Bureau Young Farmer LV2FRM Conference.  Today, I thought I'd share some "You've Been to Farm Camp if..." sayings from Damian Mason.  I hope you enjoy and have a good laugh this Friday!

You've Been to Farm Camp if...
  • Several articles of your wardrobe bear trademarks of seed companies.
  • By the time you got your drivers license, you had already been driving for several years.
  • The neighbor dies and your first inclination is to prepare and deliver a casserole to the immediate family.
  • You consider "turkey bacon" an insult to the pig.
  • You've attended hog roasts celebrating one or more of the following:  graduation, wedding, birthday or family reunion.
  • You know at least three old guys who are missing fingers.
  • You attended a school that was bordered by an agricultural field.
  • The smell of turned dirt is perfume to you.
  • Your neighborhood "block" is a square mile.
  • By odor alone, you can distinguish between cow, pig, horse and chicken manure.
LP has just started his tenure at "Farm Camp"
Whether you're a full-time ag producer, hobby farmer, transplanted farm kid or just a country resident, you know what "Farm Camp" is all about.  If you've tended livestock, planted the crops, battled the elements and lived your life in the country, you've attended "Farm Camp."

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  1. My husband just went to the Montana Farm Bureau YF&R Calling on the Capital to meet with state legislators, and is on his way home from the YF&R trip to Arizona! He's had a great time, learned a lot, and definitely advocated for agriculture!