Monday, September 16, 2013

Moving Up Monday

I mentioned in my last "Moving Up Monday" post that we moved at the beginning of the month.  We're still unpacking but are starting to feel settled.  Last week I did my first big grocery shopping trip and My Farmer finished building shelves in the basement for storage, so I hope that means this week I'll finish unpacking our boxes and then next week I may even put holes in my precious unmarked walls!

I wanted to share how each room of the house ended up finishing up, so here is quick tour of the place:

The Kitchen really turned out nice I think with the additional wall of cabinets, new floors, change of location of the refrigerator, new counter tops, new sink and new knobs and handles - I think it looks like a completely different kitchen.

New wall of cabinets and counter space
We were lucky and were able to get the same cabinets
that they had used in the kitchen about 15 years ago
during a remodel
(Photo taken August 18, 2013)
New larger under-mount sink and a look at the new counter tops
(Photo taken August 18, 2013)
Original cabinets with new counter tops
The cabinet on the far right that you can see part of is a new pantry cabinet
It is slightly a different color due to age of the original cabinets but in the
end, it is a pretty close match
(Photo taken August 18, 2013)
Look into kitchen from dinning room
(Photo taken August 18, 2013)
New kitchen knobs and pulls
(Photo taken August 25, 2013)
Moving onto the Dinning Room, Living Room and Play Room, we got a fresh coat of "Winter Oats" paint on the walls, new carpet and wood floors, and got two ceiling fans for the living room and play room spaces.  I cleaned up one of the original house lights for the dinning room light.

The dinning room light that I cleaned up from the original house
(Photo taken August 25, 2013)
A little thank you plug for my Mom
Thanks for all your help painting - it wouldn't have gotten done without you!
(Photo taken August 24, 2013)
New dinning room floors
This view shows how the room is open to the kitchen, the doorway
to the second floor and the far right door goes to the bathroom,
which has its other entrance door from the mud room also open so
you can actually see our entry coat closet from this angel.
(Photo taken August 29, 2013)
New carpet floors in living room
Photo taken from dinning room
I love the "open concept" flow of the house now and how you can see
the living room all the way from the kitchen.
(Photo taken August 29, 2013)
New carpet floors in play room
Photo taken from living room
By keeping the archway divide between these rooms I think it helps
give each area its own space and hopefully is a divider
so no toys enter the living room...
(Photo taken August 29, 2013)
Due to changes we made in the house, the downstairs Bathroom is now easily accessible from any part of the downstairs.  You can just go straight there from the entry and through the mudroom or can go through the door in the dinning room.

The bathroom with its new tile floor,
vanity, sink, counter and toilet
(Photo taken August 29, 2013)
Our general contractor also did a couple extra
things for us like, made our linen closet which
is in the bathroom cedar lined
(Photo taken August 18, 2013)
He also made a line-up of hooks for towels too
(At our old house we didn't have hooks, we had a towel bar that hung
over the back of the door and My Farmer didn't like it.
So we made sure to have hooks for towels in his house, along with a couple
extra bars on another wall)
(Photo taken August 29, 2013)
The mudroom might be my favorite space where we made the most changes.  This space is a great entry area and includes a mudrom sink, built in coat closet, a desk area with lots of surrounding storage and our laundry.  Before it was a tight hallway and bedroom/office room.

View of the mudroom from the bathroom entry
You can see the built in closet, the cabinets you see on the left are in
the office space and we have a desk that lines up with the wall, on the
other side of that wall is the entry sink, and to the right out of sight of
the camera is where the washing machine and dryer are.
We put in the same tile floor from the bathroom in here.
(Photo taken August 29, 2013)
Mudroom sink area
(Photo taken August 25, 2013)
Now onto the Upstairs.  All of our bedrooms have new carpet, fresh coats of paint and new ceiling fans.  This is the area I still need to do the most unpacking, especially our room, because as we've unpacked other areas, things that don't belong have been put into our bedroom where they are out of sight and out of mind, that is until it is time to go to bed and the easiest way for me to get to my side of the bed is to crawl over My Farmer's side...  Hopefully that gets taken care of as the week goes on.  And I guess I have no new photos of the upstairs half bath, but in a previous Moving Up Monday post it was pretty well finished.

Welcome to the Upstairs
The bathroom door is to the right of the photo and is unseen in this view,
the bedroom door on the left is the nursery and MP's room,
the door at the end of the hall is mine and My Farmer's room,
and the doorway on the right that you see is LP's bedroom.
(Photo taken August 24, 2013)
Nursery and MP's bedroom
with new carpet, paint, ceiling fan and windows
(Photo taken August 24, 2013)
LP's bedroom
with new carpet, paint, ceiling fan and windows
(Photo taken August 24, 2013)
Mine and My Farmer's bedroom
with new carpet, paint, ceiling fan and windows
(Photo taken August 24, 2013)
So there you have it, an updated view of the house!  My plan at the end of the month is to give you a current look at the house furnished.  I'm hosting a little party at our new home at the end of the month and the best part of doing that is that I now have a deadline to get things unpacked, so I'll plan on taking photos after the party and show before and afters of the house in a couple of weeks.  Until then, check out all the progress on the house by looking at previous Moving Up Monday posts:


  1. It all looks great! I have been thinking about adding knobs and pulls to our kitchen cabinets, and I really like how yours turned out. May have to make that a winter project this year!

    1. You always hear that changing the cabinet fixtures is a simple way of changing the look of your kitchen and it really is. The ones I picked were from hardware chain Menards. It is really amazing how they can change the look of the space and update your cabinets.

  2. The one thing our mud room does not have is a large closet to hold coats and boots. That was a big oversight on my part! :)

    1. Luckily our general contractor brought it up, otherwise I probably wouldn't have included it either. Our old house had a small coat closet and we always had to hang guest's coats on our bed, but now there is room for all of our stuff and family and friends. The closet is actually pretty bare right now, but I'm alright with that - I'm sure it will fill up with more than we need eventually...

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