Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Falling out of Summer

I don't know about you, but I'm loving this time of year!  The busyness of summer has ended and at the same time, the harvest pace of fall hasn't begun.  It is the perfect few weeks to just stop, relax and reflect.  One thing I got to thinking about this week was our family's Summer Bucket List we made at the beginning of the summer.  So with a few weeks left before our family gets into harvest mode, let's check out to see how we did!

  1. Go Camping at Beed's Lake or Pine Lake - We didn't get this accomplished but we did do a lot of backyard camping.  So I'm calling this one half-way done!
  2. Host a Baconfest on our farm - This didn't happen and won't be happening.  I guess we'll just have to go to area Baconfests this winter to make up for it :)
  3. Check out RAGBRAI Bicyclists as they come through North Iowa - We didn't do this either!  We saw RAGBRAI support teams but decided to stay away from as much RAGBRAI traffic as we could.
  4. Have fun at a Surf Ballroom Rock "n" Tots lesson - We not only had fun at one Rock "n" Tots class but the entire summer's worth of classes.  This was a great program that we look forward to participating in again next year!
    Surf Ballroom Rock n' Tots
    LP channeling his inner Buddy Holly
    while playing his rubber band guitar
    on stage at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake
  5. Watch one of the Fireworks Shows during the Pyrotechnics Guild International (PGI) convention - We had good intentions to go up and watch a show but never made it!  Next year!
  6. Go to an Iowa Cubs Baseball Game - We didn't get this accomplished either!  Maybe I shouldn't have looked at our bucket list...
  7. Shop the Des Moines Farmer's Market - I got to do this with my Mom and one of my sisters earlier this summer!  I enjoyed everything from my breakfast burrito, to picking up some salsa, to purchasing some cute clothes and toys for the kids.  The Des Moines Farmer's Market really does have a bit of everything!
  8. Visit a Science Center or Children's Museum - I am happy to say that we have gone on a couple two-day getaways this summer and one was to Des Moines a couple weeks ago.  We visited the Iowa State Fair, the Blank Park Zoo and the Science Center of Iowa.  The entire family had a great time!  There were so many hands-on activities at the Science Center.  We will definitely be back and will be sure to check out more science centers on our travels.
    Hands on activities at Science Center of Iowa
    LP testing his Lego car at the
    Science Center of Iowa
  9. Go on an Iowa Ice Cream Trip - Throughout June's Dairy Month we traveled to an Iowa ice cream destination weekly.  We had a lot of fun visiting Decorah's Whippy Dip, Hudson's Hansen Dairy, LeMars's Blue Bunny, and Mason City's Birdsall's.  I think we might just have to do this again next year! 
    Visiting LeMars - the Ice Cream Capital of the World
    MP enjoying her own ice cream cone at Blue Bunny in LeMars
  10. Continue our Tradition of going on a Family Vacation - And this is going to be happening soon!  We are excited to get away for a few days in South Dakota.  I'll be sure to post about our trip afterwards!
So, we didn't do as well as I thought we did, but nonetheless, we've had a great, fun-filled summer.  Did you make a Summer Bucket List?  How did you do?  Remember to Comment for a Cause!


  1. Kinda of random, but I have been considering using this website for keeping lists... Your summer list made me think of sharing it with you :) You know, for planning NEXT summer already :)

    1. I'll check it out! Thanks for sharing Jantina!

  2. Even if you didn't do all the things on your summer list you did a lot of stuff that wasn't on the list, i bet. I think it is a great idea to make that list and see what you can actually do. Good job and it looks as if the kids loved the ice cream treks so maybe that will be on next year's list as well!

    1. The kids, Mom and Dad all enjoyed the ice cream treks :)

  3. I love reading your list, even if you didn't get it all done! I need to do one for us! On another note...enjoy while the kids aren't in school. Those of us that have kids in school and activities are already running around like crazy!

    1. We're enjoying our last year of having no one in school!

  4. Sounds like you've had a blast this summer. Bucket lists are fun and you can always keep an ongoing one:)

    1. I don't have an "ultimate" bucket list except that I'd like to visit all 50 states.