Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wordless Wednesday - Sisterly Love

On Sunday, we had our baby daughter JP's baptism.  (We must have been taking too many photos because both girls MP and JP were asleep for our family photo after church.)

We invited all of our family to our house after church for dinner and our son LP's birthday party.  While we were waiting for the homemade ice cream my Mom captured a couple photos of my girls' sisterly love that I am blessed to see everyday.  And I just had to share with you today.

You might be a little worried if you see a pre-toddler or a toddler 
hunched over a baby rocker...

But I know that it means there are plenty of hugs and kisses 
being exchanged between two sisters. 

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  1. Sisterly love is so wonderful! I love your precious girls!