Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Wordless Wednesday - My Catch Cart Buddies Through the Years

Fall is always a busy time of year.  We've been thankful to have been able to harvest almost daily since we started on September 22nd.  If things keep up, we should have everything out of the field sometime next week!  I've been wanting to blog but since things have been so busy I just didn't know where to start!  So I thought sharing photos of my catch cart buddies through the years would be a fun way to get back into the blogging groove. :)

Can you tell they are all siblings?  Each first fall for our kids I have taken a photo of them on my tractor's steering wheel while waiting for the combine.  (Everyone needs to get out and stretch a bit during the day, and I know the kids enjoy getting out of their car seats to get a different view.)  Too bad MP was a little too young to sit up on her own (she was 4 months old in her photo), but nonetheless, it is still fun to see each of them during their first fall as my tractor buddies. :)  Remember to Comment for a Cause!


  1. I love these pictures and boy----they are definitely siblings! Very cute pictures!

  2. How cute! There is definitely a family resemblance!

    1. I think our youngest has always had a slightly different look than the other two but after looking at these photos side by side, I see a lot more similarities than I figured!

  3. Great Tradition! You're a good memories mom. Stay safe.