Monday, February 29, 2016

Girls Night Out: Kelly Gau Studio

I think everyone woman knows and appreciate a night away with just the girls.  Luckily for me, I've got a great group of girlfriends found in the North Iowa Bloggers, and we got together last week when Kelly of Kelly Gau Studio did a special Mixed Media Art Class at the West Fork Wharf in Sheffield, Iowa.

Girls Night Out with Kelly Gau Studio - studio located in Albert Lea, Minnesota
I've traveled up to Kelly's studio in Albert Lea, Minnesota a few times.  It is such a fun and artistic space.  I have been up there with both friends and family and have come home with different Mixed Media creations for our home and with gifts for both family and friends.  And while it is nice to get away up there, I couldn't resist the chance to put on one of her cute aprons less than 20 miles from home!  It was so nice for Kelly to travel down south with all of her supplies and papers to do her show on the road and for the West Fork Wharf to open up on one of their closed nights to let a group of ladies come in to eat, drink and create!

Girls Night Out with Kelly Gau Studio creating Mixed Media Art
Kelly of Kelly Gau Studio giving instructions
for creating Mixed Media Art
So what is Mixed Media Art?  Mixed Media Art is using a variety of materials to create a piece of art.  Kelly walks people through making their own individual canvases using paint, paper, ink, oil pastels, mod podge, etc.  Just like other painting or art classes you may have heard about or went to, she has two templates for the participants to choose from as a base.  Each month, she has two new templates.  In February the templates were birds or a tractor.  I of course chose a tractor!  Then after you've chose your base theme, you pick out pieces of craft and scrapbook paper that you like and think would go well for your canvas.  You also pick out a background paint color to paint your canvas (you also have the option of not painting the canvas and leaving it white, which I have done in the past.)  Then you start layering by mod podging, and putting torn pieces of paper on your canvas.  After you've mod podged everything on the canvas you can use water based oil pastels to outline your picture, or pencil, or ink.  I also love using the oil pastels to add shading and depth to my art pieces.  The final touch is adding a verse or a quote to your canvas.

Girls Night Out with Kelly Gau Studio - "Behind every Good Man is a Great Tractor: And a smart wife who bought it for him."
My finished creation for our farm office
"Behind every Good Man is a Great Tractor:
And a smart wife who bought it for him."
Girls Night Out with the North Iowa Bloggers and Kelly Gau Studio
The North Iowa Bloggers with our finished creations
Alicia of The Pork Diaries, Katy of Learning As I Go,
Laura of Life on Skyview Farms, me and Donna of 
Having a Girls Night Out with Kelly Gau Studio was so much fun!  I can't wait till the next time I get to create with Kelly.  This summer I am planning on bringing the kids up to her studio for one of her children's create sessions!  Have you ever participated in a Mixed Media Art class before?  Remember to Comment for a Cause!


  1. How fun is that?! I love your finished work of art and the fact that you have the chance to get some quality time with the girls!

    1. It was a great time and the girl time was probably the best part!

  2. I've never done modge podge before. It's fun seeing all of the creations the NI Bloggers make at Kelly's studio. Yours is very cute and very clever.

    1. Thanks Jeni! You'll have to go buy some modge podge and do a weekend modge podge craft ;)

  3. What a fun night it was! So glad you could join us and your piece is absolutely perfect for your home!! ;-)

  4. This was such a fun evening! When are we going out again? ;)

    1. It was a great time! We'll have to figure out something so we can get together again ;)

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