Saturday, May 27, 2017

2017 Family Summer Bucket List

Yesterday was the last day of school for our oldest son.  Mr. K was both excited and a little sad.  He said he was going to miss his teacher and friends but was looking forward to summer and eventually becoming a 1st grader!  To get him, and the rest of the family excited for summer, we did our annual tradition of filling out our Summer Bucket List!

I'm a list person, so creating a Family Summer Bucket List the last few years (2016, 2015, 2014, 2013) has not only been fun to create with our kids, but also fun to cross off.  Our past Summer Bucket List items have not only created a lot of great memories, but several have even become family traditions.

Family Summer Bucket List with idea - plus Free printable to customize your own list

Create your own Summer Bucket List with my FREE Printable
Every list person's fantasy - bullet notes and calendar space to put annul events and activities so you can think how to schedule everything 😉

We're excited to try some new things this summer, first of which, is visiting Omaha this summer, including going to the Henry Doorly Zoo.  Our family loves going to zoos every year and we're especially looking forward to going to the "World's Greatest Zoo".  We've been told to be sure to check out the Rainforest and the Gorilla Valley.  Have you ever been?  Where do you recommend we make sure check out?

Next on our list is to make crafts at Kelly Gau Studio in Albert Lea.  Our kids love making crafts and building things, so we're excited to get inspired with Kelly.  I have personally been up to the Kelly Gau Studio a couple times for a Girls Night Out but the kids have never been.  Kelly is offering a special Summer Kids Club that we're looking forward to participating in.

Our list wouldn't be complete without including reading.  Each year we enroll in our local library's Summer Reading Program.  The kids made a special request to do include some "fun reading" on our Summer Bucket List, and what is more fun then going on a Story Walk.  Throughout the month of June, the Hampton, Iowa Public Library is partnering with local business to create a Story Walk.  Participants will get a map at the library and then walk to the different businesses around downtown where they will read page by page of a story.

With the Franklin County Freedom Rock in place in Coulter, Iowa, our family has been excited to check out other county Freedom Rocks throughout the state of Iowa.  We hope to see the "original" Freedom Rock in Adair County on our car ride to Omaha for our family summer vacation too.

We didn't complete this item off our 2014 Summer Bucket List, so we've added checking out RAGBRAI (Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa) back to this year's list.  Each summer thousands of bicyclist ride across Iowa, Missouri River to Mississippi River, through this event.  The ride rotates every three years of going through Northern, Central and Southern Iowa, and this year RAGBRAI travels across North Iowa again.  Our family would love to check out all the bicyclists and festivities as they bike through our area.

Next on the list is exploring one of our favorite places for summer fun in our area: Clear Lake, Iowa.  We love camping in the yurts, participating in the youth programs at the Surf Ballroom, swimming at City Beach and eating ice cream at the Viking Drive-Inn, but one thing we have never done is take a cruise on the Lady of the Lake boat.  Well, that is going to change this year!  We are excited to experience this Clear Lake icon.

We're excited to take a new spin on a family tradition this summer and take our Friday Night Movie and Pizza outside!  With our personal projector and a computer set up with Netflix, nothing is stopping us from watching a movie outside.  We've taken different spins on this family favorite by going on Pizza and Park Dates and participating in a Pizza Taste Off, but have never taken a new spin on the movie aspect of our tradition.  The kids are especially looking forward to this bucket list item!

Last on the list is to go to a Baseball Game.  We've been to I-Cub and Minnesota Twins games in the past, but it has never been an "official" bucket list item.  And this year, with Mr. K in T-Ball, we really want to make a trip to watch a baseball game.

Whew!  Good thing the "unofficial" start of summer begins this weekend!  We're excited to do some new things this year and make a lot of memories along the way.  What is on your Summer Bucket List?  Don't forget to download my Summer Bucket List Free Printable and start planning today.  I would love to hear your bucket list plans so be sure to Comment for a Cause!


  1. Your Friday night pizza and movie sounds so fun! Sounds like you have a great summer to look forward to (is it officially summer now? I have no idea!)

    1. We're excited! Hope you have a great summer Jeni!

  2. Val, I love your summer bucket list! Can I go? Summers can seem so long and yet, without a plan, they can just slip right on by!

  3. What a great list! It sounds like your summer is going to be a blast!

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