Tuesday, August 6, 2019

5 Back to School Snack Mix Recipes

Celebrate the first day of school with one of my kid-approved snack mix recipes.  These are a great way to do something special for an after school snack, or just because throughout the year.

5 Back to School Snack Mix Recipes

Today I registered three of my kids for school (How can I only have one at home already?!) and it got me thinking about our family's favorite snack mixes.  It has become tradition in our home to make special snack mixes for back to school.  We also love making these for family road trips and vacations, tailgating, card club and busy weeks during summer ball season.  Here is our family's top five snack mixes, as voted by my kids:

This snack mix has become my kids' favorite and is highly requested throughout the year.  The kids and I spent time figuring out just the right combination of ingredients to create this easy recipe that is especially great for road trips because it doesn't melt.

5 Back to School Snack Mix Recipes - Kid-Friendly Trail Mix

This trail mix isn't just a kid favorite, it is also a Mom favorite.  I love making a batch of Pantry Trail Mix at the end of the summer to help clean out our pantry from everything we've accumulated over the summer.  Check out this post to find a recipe we created from our pantry, as well as a guide and tips on how to make your own Pantry Trail Mix.

5 Back to School Snack Mix Recipes - Pantry Trail Mix

This snack mix is one of my go to recipes to make for parties with family or friends, card club and tailgating.  I love mixing in M&Ms to the Caramel Crispix Mix but you could add in other things like nuts or pretzels.  Warning: this snack mix is known to be addictive!

Back to School Snack Mix Recipes - Caramel Crispix Mix

This classic snack mix includes one of my kids' favorite ingredients, popcorn, and one of my favorite ingredients, Dots Pretzels!  This is the most savory snack mix that made the kids' Top 5 list.

Back to School Snack Mix Recipes - Ranch Party Snack Mix

The final snack mix to make the cut is the perfect combination of salty and sweet, my Sweet & Salty Corn Chips.  The key for this snack is to get the big dipper corn chips so you get plenty of the sweet peanut butter drizzle in every bite.

Back to School Snack Mix Recipes - Sweet & Salty Corn Chips

So now the big questions is, which snack mix are you going to make first?  Also, be sure to stay tuned for the end of the month when we share another one of our snack mixes on the first day of school!

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