Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Northeast Iowa Greenhouse Road Trip

Happy May Day! Today, alongside preparing May Day baskets with my kids for our neighbors, I am also planning my annual trip to Floyd, Chickasaw, Howard and Mitchell Counties, where I love exploring the various Mennonite Greenhouses. These greenhouses are bursting with colorful flowers, robust vegetables and thriving plants, and are worth the trip to see!

Northeast Iowa Greenhouse Road Trip

What draws me back year after year? The answer is simple: the unparalleled quality, quantity and variety. Additionally, the prices tend to be more budget-friendly compared to those offered by retailers. In fact, many retailers in our region source their products from these very greenhouses, making my visit a way to support these local farms directly.

For me, this annual road trip is a cherished opportunity to relish in some solo time, free from the constraints of schedules or the expectations of others. However, visiting the Northeast Iowa Greenhouses is also an excellent chance for a fun girls trip or gathering with friends and family!

Here is a look into some of my favorite Mennonite Greenhouses to visit, but my list is always expanding! I love discovering new places each year, often adding one or two to my road trip itinerary:

Northeast Iowa Greenhouse Road Trip - Reiff's Farmstand, Floyd, Iowa

Reiff's Farmstand - Greenhouse, 1465 Hwy 218, Floyd, Iowa

Reiff's is located north of the town of Floyd on Hwy 218 and has a large variety of plants, flowers and produce inside and outside of their greenhouse. One of my favorite things to get here is a hanging flower basket (or two! They make great Mother's Day gifts!). The quality and variety are amazing as you walk into the greenhouse!

More information:

Northeast Iowa Greenhouse Road Trip - Countryside Greenhouse, Orchard, Iowa

Countryside Greenhouse, 1085 Hwy 218, Orchard, Iowa

Next, continue north on Hwy 218 to Countryside Greenhouse. They have a few greenhouses that are connected that you can walk through, and my favorite part of this stop is that they have "Thrillers, Fillers and Spillers" nicely displayed next to each other for your annual flower pots.

Northeast Iowa Greenhouse Road Trip - Underwood Greenhouse, Charles City, Iowa

Underwood Greenhouse, 2955 120th St, Charles City, Iowa

Then I usually go over to Underwood Greenhouse, north of Charles City. They always have a large variety to choose from including fairy garden supplies, custom containers, annuals and perennials, and plants and herbs.

More information:

Northeast Iowa Greenhouse Road Trip - Stillwater Greenhouse, Orchard, Iowa

Stillwater Greenhouse, 3110 Shadow Ave, Orchard, Iowa

Then you can head north and go to Stillwater Greenhouse. They have several greenhouses you can walk through with lots of flowers and produce, including a seed shed if you're looking for some starter seeds or roots. I always get some landscape inspiration when I visit here too!

More information:

Northeast Iowa Greenhouse Road Trip - Alta Vista, Iowa

Oak Grove Greenhouse, 1040 Exeter Ave, Alta Vista, Iowa

Zimmerman's Greenhouse, 1105 Exeter Ave, Alta Vista, Iowa

If you don't want to head north after going to Underwood Greenhouse, then you can head east to the Alta Vista, Iowa area that has several greenhouses. It is easy to stop at Oak Grove and Zimmerman's as they are just a mile apart from each other. Both of these greenhouses offer a wide variety of perennials and annuals. At Oak Grove they have lots of options to help you spruce up your landscape, including furniture, and at Zimmerman's be sure to grab everything for your garden, as well as get some of their produce and baked goods, including their whoopie pies!

Northeast Iowa Greenhouse Road Trip

Here are some quick tips to enhance your Northeast Iowa Mennonite Greenhouse Road Trip:

  • Embrace the tranquil countryside and remember to drive courteously, being mindful of horse-drawn buggies sharing the road.
  • Ensure your vehicle has ample space to accommodate the plethora of plants you're bound to acquire along the way.
  • Pace yourself, especially if you intend to visit multiple greenhouses. Each stop promises its own unique treasures to discover.
  • Stop by the 218 Fuel Express in Floyd, a personal favorite rest stop on the route. They have these amazing fruit and yogurt parfaits in their deli case I always get as a treat - a perfect way to refuel your energy!
  • When planning your road trip, keep in mind that the greenhouses are closed on Sundays.

Do you have a favorite Northeast Iowa Mennonite Greenhouse you'd like to share? I'd love to hear about it!


  1. Deerfield and PineHill had the best prices for us yet still had great selections. Have you ever tried either of these?

    1. No I haven't! I'll have to add them to my list. I've heard a lot of good things about Deerfield!

  2. Sheila McCormickMay 3, 2024 at 7:51 AM

    Great article Val...I love to go to the Mennonite Greenhouses! Gather up the daughter-in-law's, and now the grand -daughters like to go. Couple road trips with the girlfriends and a trip by myself! We love all the greenhouses that you have mentioned but also have some other favorites. Pine Hill Greenhouse who happens to be the daughter of the folks that own Deerfield Greenhouse. Hoover's Greenhouse is a good one in that same area as well as KR Greenhouse. A couple that we love over by Oak Grove and Zimmerman's would be Windy Hill Greenhouse and Rose Arbor. So much fun seeing all the pretty flowers and all the happy people...I love to watch what everyone picks out!

    1. How fun! I have heard great things about all of those! So nice that there are so many to visit!

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