Saturday, April 21, 2012

I Can't Believe This is a Children's Book - "Vegan is Love"

A guilty pleasure of mine is watching the Today Show in the morning and earlier this week there was a piece about a new children's book that will be released on April 24th called Vegan is Love.  The Today Show piece discussed the book's topics from animal testing to eating habits.  It also questioned "is a vegan diet healthy for children".  In the end the dietitians and doctors they interviewed said it was healthy at any age to be a vegan.  I just can't find it good to get protein, calcium and many more vitamins through a diet which would have to include supplements, especially for kids.  My family and I choose to eat meat and dairy, and by doing this, we get all of our vitamins and minerals naturally through our food.

One quick side note, I took the online poll from the Today Show that asked "What do you think of kids eating vegan diets?" and out of the over 4800 votes, 40% voted "Great Idea!  We are vegans."  I was in the 35% that said "I disapprove.  That can't be healthy for kids."

So from all of this, what are you going to do or say when you see Vegan is Love next to the Velveteen Rabbit in the children's section at your local bookstore?

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