Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Harvest Update

Wow!  Time has been flying by since harvest has begun on our farm.  Between driving the tractor with catch cart, running farm errands, trying to keep my house presentable, and going to weddings or wedding festivities, I haven't had very much time to blog.  Sad to say, but when I have been home, I've either wanted to just sit and relax or sleep!

Harvest has been going pretty good so far.  We started with corn harvest a few weeks ago and decided to take out our down (aka wind damaged) corn first.  That wasn't very fun to go through but things got better and actually went surprisingly well before we switched to soybeans now almost two weeks ago.  Hopefully we finish soybeans tomorrow and then move back to corn harvest.  I'm vowing to utilize my time at home better so hopefully it won't be so long before I blog again!

Until next time, here's a few looks at harvest so far this year:

Harvesting corn and dumping on the go in the catch cart

We've been using a corn reel so far this year to help
pick-up and bring-in "down corn" into the corn head
(My Farmer is looking at me like, why is she standing in the middle of the corn field?)

Emptying the catch cart into the semi-truck

My view from the catch cart

Harvesting soybeans
This is a nice view of the combine and soybean head

Look at those four-pod soybeans!  (The average is three beans per pod)


  1. It is nice to see grain out there after our hot, dry summer!

    1. It is hard to believe there is anything to harvest after this summer's drought. We have been very surprised with yields!

  2. I was gonna say, "Those beans look great!" Hopefully things continue to go well for you guys during harvest!

    1. We finished soybean harvest today and those photos are from what ended up being our best soybean field. Thanks for the well wishes Nicole!