Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas Gifts for the Entire Family

One of the items on my to-do list this week is to work on Christmas Wish Lists.  This includes not only figuring out my family's wish list, but also deciding what gifts I'm giving others for Christmas.  I know I always appreciate some extra ideas to help with Christmas gifts so I figured I'd share some ideas from my family.

The Rural Outdoors Dad (aka My Farmer)

Muck Boots:  If your husband works outside and has chores to do every day, then he is going to love a pair of Muck Boots!  My Farmer started wearing Muck Boots a couple years ago and will never go back to plain ol' black rubber boots.  Muck Boots are high quality, comfortable and durable.

Leatherman Wave:  This multi-tool knife is a must for My Farmer.  He wears it on his belt every day.  You never know when you might need one of its countless tools from a pair of pliers, to wire cutters, to a ruler, to a bottle opener.  

Two if by Tea:  For the tea lover and or the Rush Limbaugh fan (which describes My Farmer to the tee - hehehe had to do it), this delicious tea, available in a variety of flavors, is perfect as a stocking stuffer or a fun gift.  If you don't have a local business that sells it in your area (which is something the tea promotes - small business owners), you can buy it online.

Bacon is Meat Candy T-Shirt:  My Farmer and I love bacon - eating it, making it and raising it.  He loves the saying that "bacon is meat candy", so when I saw this t-shirt I knew I just had to get it for him.  So if you have a bacon lover or just a fun guy on your list be sure to get him one of these.

Stanley Thermos:  It never seems like we can have enough thermoses at our house.  I don't know what happens to them, but we always can use another.  And nothing beats a Stanley Thermos.  They're nothing fancy but they do a great job keeping My Farmer's coffee warm.  (And I just have to go with Stanley because that is my mother's maiden name.)

The Mom Who Loves To Cook (aka Me)

The Pioneer Woman Cooks: A Year of Holidays:  If you haven't gotten the Pioneer Woman's recently published cookbook then you better put it on your list.  She includes recipes for New Years to Christmas and everything in between.  I actually got this after it was released on October 29th and am really enjoying it.  I love how it is organized by holidays and has a variety of recipes for each special day.

Magnetic Measuring Spoons:  Are you always looking for your measuring spoons or don't like having to move the spoons around a ring, well then these magnetic measuring spoons are for you!  Another great bonus, they have two ends - one narrow end to fit in spice jars and one rounder end for liquids.  These measuring spoons are very practical and a must for the cook or baker in your life.

Knife Sharpener:  So you got a knife block when you got married and love using a few of its knives, but when was the last time you sharpened your knives?  Dull knives cause injury more than sharp, so get a knife sharpener to not only cut your food easier, but also safer.

Cute Egg Rings:  Whether it is for eggs or pancakes a cute egg ring makes the perfect stocking stuffer.  And think beyond the basic circle - find a heart, pig, cow, or even an egg ring in the shape of your state.  These will make breakfast fun for all ages.

Prime Cut Apron:  I don't know if I have ever shared this on my blog before but I have an apron collection.  Every apron has been worn at least once but I do have some favorites that get worn regularly.  I wear an apron when hosting, washing dishes and while picking up toys...  When I saw this apron I just knew I needed it in my collection!  (And the dish cloth too)

The On-the-Go Toddler Boy (aka LP)

Tractors, Implements and Trucks:  What toddler boy doesn't like everything with wheels?  Our LP loves everything about farming so we are planning on adding to his carpet farming fleet this Christmas.  This website has a huge catalog of all kinds, models and brands.

A Place to Store The Carpet Farming Fleet:  We got this for LP when he was just 10 month old to start storing his tractors, trucks, farm animals, etc.  It double as a storage box and then zips down to a play farm mat.  And if a farm mat/storage box isn't your toddlers thing, they also make dinosaurs, castles, speedways, etc.

Keep Calm and Farm On T-Shirt:  Did I mention we have a little farm boy on our hands?  Every year for Christmas our kids get one piece of clothing.  I love this t-shirt for the farm boy or farm girl in your life.  It comes in a variety of colors.

Zingo:  "Bingo with a Zing!"  It is great to start getting games for toddlers.  Zingo is Bingo with pictures instead of numbers.  It teaches image and word recognition, matching, verbalization, concentration, memory and motor skills.

A New Book:  Make it a point to give the gift of reading to children.  Check out this list of the 100 Greatest Children's Books.  Buy a book from this collection and borrow the rest from your local library!  An added bonus of reading to toddlers - it helps them with their colors, shapes, numbers and letters, like "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" that made the top 100 list.

The Cute Baby Girl (aka MP)

Peek-a-Boo Barn:  Babies love to play peek-a-boo and these wooden toys are perfect for the growing baby.  Melissa & Doug has a variety of peek-a-boo toys including this barn, a house, panda, turtle, etc.

Farm Girl Love Onesie:  Like I mentioned before, as part of the kid's Christmas gifts from My Farmer and I they get one piece of clothing.  This is a cute and fun onesie for that little farm girl in your life.  I love the color and design.  I'm excited for MP to get this for her wardrobe.

Hand and Foot Rattles:  Our kids also receive one toy from us for Christmas.  These hand and foot rattles are perfect for a baby discovering how their body moves.  There are so many kinds, styles and colors to choose from.  You'll be sure to find the perfect pair for the baby in your life.

Photo Album:  The final gift our kids receive from us is a book.  (We give our kids 3 presents - a book, a toy and a piece of clothing - representing Jesus's 3 gifts he received from the Wise Men.)  We love this photo album.  The colors are eye catching for infants if you don't want to fill it, or you can fill it with pictures of family members.  This will help with facial recognition when they are young and identifying and naming family members when they are older.

Sock Ons:  Baby socks always seem to be either falling off or cutting off their circulation.  That is until Sock Ons.  I discovered these at my local baby and tot shop and am in love!  They keep your baby's socks on, which is a relief for all parents.  No more worrying about loosing a sock when out and about or even at home.

I hope these ideas help you!  What are some items on your wish list?  What gifts are you excited to give this year?


  1. A new grocery store just opened up here in our town, and it's a pretty huge store for our area. In the meat section they have the phrase "Bacon is like meat candy" on the wall in giant letters! I love it!

    Great list...I need to tell my hubby to get me the Pioneer Woman cookbook for Christmas! Another good idea is that Garth Brooks is coming out with a new box CD set of songs from all different types of genres that influenced him. That's on my hubby's list that he wants! And with farmers, when all else fails, stick with tools. They always love getting tools :)

    1. I love that your new grocery store has "Bacon is like meat candy" written on their wall! I hope you get the new Pioneer Woman cookbook - I am really enjoying mine. Yes - tools always work!

  2. I had to come up with my wish list early this year because we are exchange some Christmas gifts with one side of the family at Thanksgiving. I am hoping for a new North Face jacket and some clothing. You'll love the Pioneer Woman Cookbook. It is awesome. You should check out Red Meat Mafia (google them and they will come up). They have some really cool shirts - even pig ones.

    1. Thanks for the reminder about Red Meat Mafia. I have a pig Red Meat Mafia shirt already. Maybe I should get My Farmer their corn shirt???

  3. A great list! Some of these things I had not seen yet. Will be looking for the magnetic measuring spoons! Books are a favorite of mine to give and fun little shirts. Your kids can never have to many farm shirts!

  4. Lots of neat ideas. My Rancher goes through shoes like a kid. He NEEDS a new pair of shoes or boots every year. It's important to keep our feet in good shape.

    I have all three PW Cookbooks. They are excellent. The magnetic measuring spoons are an awesome idea. Do you have one of the ground hamburger "wands" from Pampered Chef? Also, I could not live with out my 2 x 2 inch square brownie scoop. I am an apron wearing Ranch Wife too!

    I will have to check out your baby gift ideas in more detail. My Sister is due in early February.

    1. Yes! I have a Pampered Chef Mix n' Chop and it is probably my favorite kitchen tool! I use it for hamburger, mashed potatoes, etc.

      Hope some of the baby suggestions give you some ideas for your sister's baby!

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