Tuesday, December 17, 2013

1 Week Til Christmas - Holiday To Do List

The Christmas Countdown continues as we approach one week til Christmas!  I am happy to report that I have all my Christmas shopping done and have everything ready to go for our Christmas cards and letters (I just need to assemble them to).  My to do list each week seems to have a lot of carry-over from the previous weeks, but I'm just happy that I started planning and thinking about some of these things early, otherwise I'd really feel overwhelmed now.  Here's my to do list for this week:

  • Go Christmas Grocery Shopping (This last week I bought non-perishable items and now this week I'll do my final grocery shopping run getting everything I need for all of our Christmas get togethers.  It is my hope and goal that I won't have to step foot in the grocery store next week!)
  • Deliver Goodie Plates (Last night My Farmer asked me if I had any goodie plates ready to go to deliver to one of our farm landlords that he was seeing, and all I could tell him was that I had the plates but not enough goodies!  So I guess this means I better get on top of my baking and have enough variety to put some together!  We love giving Christmas goodie plates to our landlords, neighbors, and those that have helped us throughout the year.)
  • Clean the House (Last call to decorate and clean the house for the holidays!  It is good to do a nice clean sweep of your home as family and friends visit.  And if you are traveling a lot for Christmas it is always nice to come home to a clean house.  I personally need to clean our home badly!  I'm afraid that you currently have to watch where you step in our living room and I still have Christmas decor I want to put up.  If I don't get this done by the weekend then I guess it won't get done.)
  • Thaw Christmas Cookies and Treats (You've been freezing Christmas goodies haven't you?  Well, if you haven't, start baking, and if you have, this weekend be sure to take them out of the freezer and start letting them thaw so they are ready to be shared and ate.)
  • Wrap Presents (This is something that I still need to finish.  I have my wrapping paper out and my presents organized, I just need a couple afternoon nap times to get them done.)
What is on your to-do list for this final week before Christmas?

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