Tuesday, December 10, 2013

2 Weeks Til Christmas Eve - Holiday To Do List

Can you believe that there are only 2 weeks til Christmas Eve?!?  Are you ready?  Well, I do have to admit that I have fallen behind from my to do list I set for myself last week but plan on catching up this week (fingers crossed)!  So this week's list is a combination of what I didn't get done last week and what I was planning on concentrating on this week:

  • Christmas Present Shopping (I am almost all the way done.  I just need to pick up a couple gift cards when I'm in town this week and order a few more items online and then I'll be done.  I really do hope and plan on finishing this week!  Review your present lists this week and make sure you've got everyone covered.)
  • Wrap Christmas Presents (So many times I am rushed to wrap all of our gifts the day before or even the day of a family get together, so this year my goal is to start now.  Anything to do to decrease my stress and busyness during this time of year!)
  • Decorate for Christmas (We didn't get this done last week so my plan is to do this sometime this week.  We got our tree last weekend but haven't decorated it yet.  All of my Christmas boxes are currently being stored in the garage because all of the electrical work isn't done in our house and I'm trying to have the basement as accessible as possible for when the electricians come back.  So... I need to "man-up" and venture into our garage and find my Christmas decorations AND the electricians need to come back and finish our house!)
  • Christmas Letter/Card/Photo (I feel behind in this area from last week.  Both our letter and card are not ready to be mailed and we took a photo but I'd like to take another stab at it - hopefully my family will bare with me at another photo shoot!  One area I did work in was our Christmas card recipient list; I think I got all the new addresses I needed to change for family and friends that moved.  I still hope to get this all in the mail by the end of the week or start of next week.)
  • Christmas Baking (This is something that should be on your to-do list every week.  Make, bake, enjoy some and then freeze some!  I've ran across some new recipes I want to try, along with making my standby Christmas goodies.)
  • Plan Christmas Meals (This week my goal is to finalize the Christmas menu for get togethers at our house, as well as what I need to bring to other family gatherings and start buying the non-perishable items needed.)
Whoo!  Looks like I've got plenty to do but I just know I'd rather be working on this now in steps, rather than right before Christmas.  Have you started planning your Christmas meal?  What is on your menu?

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