Friday, September 5, 2014

Our Farm is Growing!

My Farmer and I have been making plans to grow our farm over the past several years and today, I'm proud to announce that over the last 23 weeks we've been incubating a very special genetic variety that we can't wait to see how it yields around January 2nd.

Did I confuse you or do you get how we're growing our farm?

My Farmer and I are expecting our third child this winter!  This pregnancy has been so much fun and we love how excited the kids (mainly LP but MP is excited too - mainly because LP is...) are.  LP gives the baby a kiss and hug daily and already has big plans to build a snowman with MP and the baby this winter.

To answer questions you might be having:

  • We didn't find out the gender and will be "surprised", just like we did with our previous two pregnancies.
  • LP wants another baby sister but he tells everyone that God is the one who chooses if we have a boy or a girl.
  • For a couple of months we will have three kids ages 3 and under.
  • And even though that seems very close, because of the kids' birthdays they'll be every other year in school.
  • I have been feeling very well this pregnancy and hope/plan for that to continue the rest of the time.

Baby Bump 23 Weeks

And now I need your help.  What should our nickname for this baby be?  Our son's nickname during the pregnancy and continues today on the blog is LP (standing for Little-Our Last Name) and our daughter's nickname is MP (standing for Mini-Our Last Name).  Now we don't have to keep up with _P for a nickname but that is possible if we hear some good ideas.  I just want to give the baby something else to call it other than, "the baby".  So leave your ideas down below in the comment section and remember to Comment for a Cause!


  1. Being that it's baby #3 for you and Ian I think it it should be 3P

  2. BP: Bitty P or Baby P
    PP: Peanut P
    JP: Junior P

    Let me keep thinking…. :)

  3. We're so happy for you and your family!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks! Little, Mini, Junior - it fits the theme.

  5. My vote is for 3P! And...I'm so happy for you! You are great parents!

  6. Congrats on "weenie-P"!!!! See, I hinted your baby's name. :D

  7. You look great and I am so excited to meet the new little one---whatever you decide to call him or her!!! :-)

    1. We decided to nickname the baby JP (for Junior).