Wednesday, October 1, 2014

31 Days from a Tractor Seat

I'll be the first to admit that I have neglected my blog lately (I guess that's what happens when you're pregnant with baby #3 and all you want to do is take naps whenever possible...), but that is all going to stop because I have signed up for the #31Days blogging challenge, that encourages bloggers to write a post every day in the month of October.

The first thing to do after I accepted this challenge was to come up with a topic to blog about for 31 days.  Many things came to mind such as family, food, and agriculture.  So as I pondered more about my topic from the comfort of my tractor during our fall corn and soybean harvest, I got to thinking, why not blog about:  

I always tell everyone that fall harvest gives me a lot of "thinking time" while I'm in the tractor and I always come up with lots of ideas.  So this fall I'm challenging myself to actually act upon those ideas and share my thoughts with you all through this series about things like agriculture facts, harvest fundamentals, "tractor approved" recipes, and of course some fun photos from the field.

And we might as well start by sharing a couple photos from harvest this week!

31 Days from a Tractor Seat - Soybean Harvest
Soybean Harvest
31 Days from a Tractor Seat - Combining Soybeans
Combining Soybeans
31 Days from a Tractor Seat - Harvest Ready Soybean Seed and Plant
A look at soybean seed with dried soybean plants in the background
31 Days from a Tractor Seat - Felfie
My first harvest felfie (farmer selfie) of the season :)
So what do you want to hear about during my "31 Days from a Tractor Seat"?  Remember to Comment for a Cause!

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  1. I want to hear all about the things that you see when you are in the tractor seat!!! I think it might be eye opening --not just fields and rows, right? I am excited to be on this 31 day journey with you! You go!

    1. Great idea Beth Ann! I have to admit that it really is usually just fields and rows but I'll have to make sure and document the other things like wildlife.

  2. Love it! My goal is once a month LOL! I will read your posts while harvesting here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland! My comment for the cause is Honor Flight. My son and I witnessed the arrival of an Honor Flight of WWII and Korean War vets at the Baltimore airport this past weekend. It was moving as the concourse was lined with active military there to greet them and a whole bunch of passengers like ourselves joining in.

    1. That is awesome to hear. There was an honor flight from Iowa that actually just went to DC yesterday.

  3. As a farm wife, I want to hear about how you deal with the kids while you are in that tractor seat. From naps, to play time, to feeding them...etc! I'm not a wife that is in the field (unless I have a day to help, and the kids are at daycare/school), so I'm intrigued on how you do it! :)

    1. Lots of patience :) I usually only handle one kid at a time but yesterday I actually had both kids in the tractor with me for a few hours. Good idea Kellie!

  4. Thank you for joining the Country Fair Blog Party for October! Your post is a great addition to the party! Can't wait to read the rest of your posts from the tractor seat. Still take a nap or two when you get the chance. :) We are still a few weeks away from soybean harvest, but corn harvest is right around the corner. My favorite time of year!
    Laurie - Country Link

    1. Thanks Laurie! I've been telling everyone even if it is raining to not count on me to go some place because if I'm not in the tractor I'm planning on being home taking it easy (and taking a nap...)!

  5. How cool! I want to hear about EVERYTHING! Seriously though, growing up in a big city I'm so excited to learn more. :)

    1. Thanks Donna! I'm happy to be a resource for you.

  6. I'm definitely interested in the tractor approved recipes because I can translate those into FSA truck approved recipes for the hubs! He gets the shaft during the busy season!

    1. They'll definitely be fit for the FSA truck as well ;)

  7. Love the idea and post! Saying hello from the Country Blog Hop!

    1. Thanks for swinging by from the Country Blog Hop! Be sure to keep stopping by all month long for more posts!

  8. Possibly one of the coolest topics for 31 days ever! I am fascinated with tractors. Here's a blue one I took a picture of last November, near where I live in Sweden.
    Can't wait to read the rest of this series!

    1. Very neat and thank you. We have red tractors on our farm :)

  9. What a cool blog! Looking forward to reading more!

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