Friday, October 3, 2014

Explore Franklin County This Weekend #FranklinCoHarvest

I love being involved with my community, and one exciting program that I've enjoyed being a part of the organizing team for in my county is happening this weekend!  Franklin County Farm Bureau and Franklin County Tourism have partnered together to bring in several bloggers this weekend to explore Franklin County, Iowa for the 3rd Annual Franklin County Harvest Bloggers Tour.  Starting tonight, the bloggers will experience a little of everything that Franklin County, Iowa has to offer, from a wine tasting from our local TownsEnd Winery, to combine rides, to seats at our community's vaudeville show.  The whole weekend is on Franklin County and our citizens are excited for these bloggers to be our guests:

Beth Ann Chiles (@bachiles) - It's Just Life: Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary
Jeni Flaa (@JeniEats) - Jeni Eats
Donna Hup (@donnahup) -
Bethany SyWassink (@SawdustEmbryos) - Sawdust and Embryos
Lisa & Time Trudell (@WalkingTourists) - The Walking Tourists

Be sure to follow all of these bloggers to see what they are doing throughout the weekend and check out their blogs next week for recap posts.  You can also follow the excitement through the #FranklinCoHarvest hashtag.

3rd Annual Franklin County Harvest Bloggers Tour #FranklinCoHarvest

If you were to host a bloggers tour in your community, where would you have the bloggers go?  Remember to Comment for a Cause!

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