Monday, November 24, 2014

Holiday Check List - Thanksgiving Week

The holiday season is full of fun, laughter, and good times with family and friends.  And if you let it, the holiday season can be full of stress too.  I have always been a planner, and I like to think that my family and friends appreciate that.  For the last couple of years on my blog I've shared my holiday check lists with my readers and plan on doing the same this year too.  And it seems even more important to stay on top of my holiday check lists this year since we're expecting our third child (JP) anytime around the end of December.  So, without further ado, here is my check list for this week, the week of Thanksgiving and four weeks before Christmas:

  • Make and Bake Thanksgiving Menu (And don't be afraid of making items ahead of time or prepping the days before, so Thanksgiving morning isn't stressful.  I am planning on making my Overnight Salad, Pecan Pie, Shrimp Dip, Pickle Wrap Dip and Puppy Chow all either tomorrow or the day before Thanksgiving, that I'm bringing to my Mom's house and my Grandparent's house, so I can take it easy and maybe even watch the Thanksgiving Day parade before we need to travel.  Also, for whatever cooking you need to do on Thanksgiving Day - a smart idea is to make a timeline for your oven and kitchen so you can be sure to eat dinner on time!)
  • Storage Containers Ready (If you are hosting, make sure to have a variety of storage containers ready for leftovers and ziploc bags too, so you can send home extra food with your loved ones.)
  • Finalize Gift Lists  (This includes not only figuring out your own family's wish list, but also deciding what gifts you're giving others for Christmas.  Also, decide your present budget and possible locations to buy all of your gifts.  Check out my Christmas gift picks from last year here.)
  • Shop Black Friday (I'm shopping Black Friday for several reasons, but I will admit, the main reason is that it is a fun time with my mom and sisters and that I can actually go shopping without kids!  Be sure to go through all advertisements - many of which you can already see online, and make a route for your shopping trip.)
  • Finalize Christmas Travel (This is the perfect time to finalize your Christmas plans when you're already spending time with your family during Thanksgiving.  Make sure to give adequate time for all of your Christmas plans.  We have a rule of no more than one Christmas per day.)
  • Clean House (Even if you aren't hosting a Thanksgiving get together, chances are family and friends might be traveling through and wanting to stop by.  This is actually what I worked on throughout today!  If you do have guests staying at your house, be sure to get their room or space ready and lay things out for them.)
  • Give Thanks! (Remember to give thanks this Thanksgiving and to simply enjoy the time together with loved ones.)

What is on your holiday check list this week?  Remember to Comment for a Cause!

Also, check out last week's Holiday Check List for more ideas:

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