Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Exploring Blab with the North Iowa Bloggers

Last night the North Iowa Bloggers hosted their second, monthly Blab session.  The first session I participated by filling-in one of the video seats and by commenting through the live chat.  The second session last night I hosted.  Blab has been a fun, new, social media tool that the North Iowa Bloggers have been exploring and I'm looking forward to seeing how this group, as well as I personally can use it in the future.

So, what is Blab? is one of the newest video streaming social media platforms available.  I like to describe it as a live video talk show or conference with up to four people.  The host has control who fills the other three available video seats, but anyone can watch the Blab and participate through the live chat feature.

Exploring Blab with the North Iowa Bloggers
A screen shot of last night's North Iowa Blogger Blab
In the center shows those participating in Video Seats
and on the right is the Live Chat feature of Blab

Some quick notes about Blab:
  • You can access Blab on your desktop (which is what I've done the last two sessions) or through their app.
  • Logging into Blab (and setting up an account) is very easy and is connected through your Twitter account.
  • There is no time length restrictions for Blab sessions.  The North Iowa Blogger sessions have both been one hour each, which is the average length.
  • If you are the host/moderator of the Blab you can record the session and will receive the Blab as mp3 and mp4 recordings following the session via email.
  • You can give "props" (a pair of hands) to those participating in one of the Blab's four video seats.  It is a fun way of giving immediate feedback.

How can you or your business use Blab?

If you have explored with video streaming before (or even if you've never done video) I recommend checking out Blab.  I can't say enough how user friendly and simple I have found it, both as a participant and host/moderator.  I feel like other video streaming platforms like Periscope and the new Facebook Live, are a nice way of talking to your audience, but Blab is a great way of having a conversation with your audience.

So how would you like to have a dialogue with your audience or business patrons?  I see Blab as a new way of doing podcasts, a great way to promote events with an panel, share about new products, show transparency with your business by taking questions, interacting, and answering questions from your customers, and bringing in specialists to share their expertise on different subjects to then share and have a conversation with your team or customers.

As a farmer, I see Blab as a great tool to create transparency on our farm.  One audience that is interested in learning more and seeing the farm are schools.  Blab would be a great way to connect with multiple classrooms at one time and have interaction and discussion with them.  Another audience I'd like to show what is happening on our farm with are legislators.  Blab could allow me to show what is happening in our barns or out in the field at the same time as having experts like our veterinarian, agronomist, etc. also apart of the video discussion with multiple legislators through video seats and/or live chat.  Plus the Blab session can be recorded and shared through YouTube, email, etc. with legislators who weren't able to attend the live session.

What's next for the North Iowa Bloggers on Blab?

We are going to continue to do monthly Blab sessions, every third Tuesday of the month at 8pm CST.  Our first session we shared "Who are the North Iowa Bloggers?" and had several of our members share who they are, opportunities they've participated in by being a member of the North Iowa Bloggers and what the group means to them.  Last night's second session we focused on "Developing YOU as a Brand."  This Blab was inspired by a presentation that several of the North Iowa Bloggers heard at the Iowa Blogger Conference in Fort Dodge last month by Deb "Debworks" Brown (who by the way Blabs every Sunday!).  I hosted the session and had Deb join in on the conversation, as well as North Iowa Blogger Sara who has evolved her brand over the last couple of years and North Iowa Blogger Alicia who just changed her focus and brand a few months ago.  Be sure to check out the video recording from last night!

We have future session plans of sharing about our group's travel opportunities, businesses we've worked with, and other topics that will benefit our members.  The Blab sessions are open to everyone and we hope you can join us next time, which by the way will be May 17th!

Have you ever "Blabbed" before?  How would you use Blab video streaming?  Remember to Comment for a Cause!


  1. Can't wait to watch it and hopefully jump on one of these soon!

    1. I've really enjoyed them so far. Hope you can participate next time!

  2. Very cool! Watching your replay!

    1. Great! We've been having fun exploring Blab!

  3. You did a great job hosting! This will only get bigger and better a time goes on. What a fun way to showcase what the North Iowa Bloggers do and what fun way to get to know some of them.

    1. Thanks Sara! I'm looking forward to our future Blabs. I think it is a great promotion and growth opportunity for the North Iowa Bloggers.

  4. Very informative topic! I was actually taking notes! I met Deb at an Iowa blog conference back in November 2009, and she is so informative and knowledgeable. A great person to learn from.