Sunday, June 13, 2021

5 Ingredient Campfire Cobbler

Our family loves camping and one recipe we have to make every time we go is my 5 Ingredient Campfire Cobbler.  Not only is this a delicious, sweet treat to make over the campfire, but it is easy to make and simple to pack along with all our your camping gear and food!

5 Ingredient Campfire Cobbler

When making our camping menu there are a couple things that are important to me:
  • Can I make the dish over the fire?
  • Are there a minimal amount of ingredients?
  • Is it easy to clean up?

And this recipe hits all three of those requirements.  This campfire dessert is made over the fire in a disposable, aluminum cake pan, which makes it easy to cook and easy to clean up.  And I appreciate that this cobbler uses just five ingredients, that are also easy to store in your camper, tent, cooler, car, etc.

5 Ingredient Campfire Cobbler

Campfire Cobbler

1 can blueberry pie filling
1 can cherry pie filling
1 box white cake mix
1 stick (1/2 cup) butter
3-4 Tbsp sugar

To make the cobbler, spray an aluminum cake pan with vegetable oil and pour in the blueberry pie filling and cherry pie filling. Spread the pie fillings evenly in the pan and then shake out the cake mix evenly over the pie filling.  Sprinkle sugar on top and then evenly distribute small pats of butter over the dry cake mix.  Cover with heavy duty aluminum foil and set the cobbler over a warm campfire.  Let the cobbler bake around 1 hour, till lightly browned and bubbly along the edges.

5 Ingredient Campfire Cobbler

We usually add the cobbler to our campfire as soon as we take off the rest of our meal and then let it bake while we eat and clean up.  We personally love serving the cobbler with ice cream!

5 Ingredient Campfire Cobbler

We have made several variations of this recipe over the years, but this is my favorite and go-to combination of flavors.  Our whole family enjoys it and I think it is festive using cherries and blueberries.

If you aren't a camper, but still want to make this at home, just bake the cobbler at 350°F instead in your oven.

5 Ingredient Campfire Cobbler

Now the big question is, can you wait till your next camping trip to make this easy and delicious cobbler or are you going to make it at home first?  What are some of your favorite camping recipes?


  1. That looks so delicious and easy! We tend to cook over woodfires a fair bit at home, so I'll have to throw one on sometime soon.

  2. Can u use a 13x9 cake pan and can u use the tub butter/vegetable spread. The pan u used looks smaller than the one i have.

    1. Yes, the pan I use is a 9x13 cake pan and works great!