Monday, September 13, 2021

We're raising kids who raise livestock

Raising Kids who Raise Livestock
Our kids watching the sheep and goat livestock auction

It has become a rite of passage in our family that when you turn five you get to raise your first animal on our farm. You get to pick it out, you get to feed it, you get to clean up after it in the barn, you take care of it, you bond with it and eventually, like today for our kids, you get to sell it.

Raising Kids Who Raise Livestock
Miss A and Mr K taking care of their goats at ages 4 & 5

Sale day is bittersweet for our kids. After months of early mornings, patience and dedication, it is time to say goodbye. With each tear shed because of the hard work and bond they developed with their livestock, we take pride and comfort in knowing that the animals had a great home and proper care. Our kids get a first hand experience in learning the value of livestock and they gain an understanding and respect for the agriculture industry.

Saying goodbye to livestock project
Mr. K telling his market pigs goodbye at the end of County Fair

I'm proud of you kids and look forward to all four of you doing it all over again in several months. What are some of the best life lessons you learned from childhood experiences?

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