Thursday, November 11, 2021

Family Farm or Farm Family?

Are you a family farm or a farm family? To some, this may seem like the same thing, but for me there is a difference between where your priorities lie.

3 generations Family Farm

Harvest is one of our busiest seasons on the farm. There always seems to be a rush to get everything done and event after a lifetime of living on the farm, it can still frustrate me.

There is a fine line that I feel like we are always dancing around. The one side being that our kids, family and friends understand that farming is our livelihood and is the sole way we provide for our family. The other side being that we can't and won't be a family farm if we don't make time for our family. Our kids are growing up so quickly and there won't always be ballgame to go to, concerts to attend, 4-H events to participate in, etc. Also, while my husband and I work together and are co-workers, we are spouses first.

Are you a Family Farm or a Farm Family?

So take some time to look over your priorities and decide if you are a family farm or a farm family.