Friday, August 31, 2012

Farm Friday

This week on the farm we have continued to get things ready for harvest.  The corn keeps on drying and the soybeans are starting to change colors.  Here are a few photos I took on top of one of our grain bins so you can see the changes in the crops.

You can see we have the combine, corn head and tractor with disc-ripper
sitting out and ready to go
You can see both the corn in the foreground and
soybeans in background maturing and changing colors
If you look real close in the shop you can see my father-in-law, My Farmer, LP and
one of our hired hands talking and probably wondering what I'm doing on the top of the grain bin!
My "backyard's" corn continues to mature.

The corn ears and kernels continue to dry, so we may be starting harvest at the end of next week.  This field will probably yield about 30%-40% less than we'd "normally" see but we'll be very happy with that type of result during this year's harvest!

My hog's "backyard" of soybeans have changed the most in the last week.  See how the field is changing colors and drying.

I'm looking forward to seeing what our soybeans yield this year.  They look really good in my opinion.

The soybeans are also starting to dry.  You can see how the pod and beans are drying.

It'll be interesting to see how things progress in the next week!  Like I said earlier, we might be harvesting by the end of next week.  Do you have any questions about harvesting corn or soybeans?  Feel free to leave comments and questions - I love hearing from my readers.


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  2. Everyone around our farm has pretty much learned that I take pictures, all the time! They just go with it now and don't ask any questions!

    1. I think everyone on our farm is getting pretty use to me doing the same thing!

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