Monday, August 13, 2012

What are you doing this Friday?

What are you doing this Friday?  I am personally going to the Ag Iowa #140 Conference in Ames and I hope you join me!

The #140ConfAgIowa is Friday, August 17th from 2 to 5pm at the Scheman Building on the Iowa State Campus in Ames, Iowa.  This three hour event will consist of presentations discussing social media and agriculture in ten minute segments - with plenty of time for questions, cocktails and networking afterwards.

Here is a list of several speakers who I'm looking forward to listening to:

(I know you might think this would be the entire line-up, but it isn't!  There are even more a great speakers on the schedule.)

Besides being excited to hear from all the speakers, I'm also looking forward to being a presenter myself!  I am presenting on "Making the Time to Blog," where I'll talk about what you need to think about to start a blog from a beginner's perspective.

If you would like to learn more about the event, check out the event's website, as well as schedule, and then order your $10 ticket online.