Friday, June 21, 2013

Farm Friday

I haven't done many Farm Friday posts this spring because frankly - this spring hasn't been the greatest on the farm (and I guess I didn't want to think about it - or write about it - anymore than I needed to...).  The spring started off late due to a late snow, along with general wet and cold conditions (not the best environment for corn and soybeans to flourish...).  Then after we started planting, we were kept out of the field several times due to the fields being too wet.  This spring has been the latest My Farmer and I have ever planted our corn and soybeans.

My Farmer planting one of our last fields
Now this past week has been a great week to get field work done.  (Too bad it didn't happen a month ago but anyways...)  In the last week we've finished planting our crops and have also been replanting flooded out spots in fields, as well as spraying corn fields.  The start of the week brought us a lot of sunshine and warm temperatures that really helped with plant growth, but we're are still behind "average".

I took this picture this morning of the corn field around our house.
It was planted April 29th, 7 1/2 weeks ago.
This field has seen snow and flooding since it was planted.
This field was sprayed this week and well as had wet spots replanted.
Compare it to last year...

And you can see how far behind we are.  The old saying is "knee high by the 4th of July" but in reality we strive to be at least chest high and tasseling by the 4th of July.  This year - we'll be aiming for knee or waist high!

The only nice thing about still doing spring field work I guess is the MP got her first tractor ride last week!  I'm not sure I should be happy or sad that she was able to get a tractor ride at such an early age.  If it would have been a normal year she would have had to wait till this fall.

Have you been having a wet spring this year like we have?

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  1. YES! It's been ridiculously wet here too. Got another inch and a half of rain over the weekend.We are still getting tractors stuck, sprayers stuck and fertilizer spreaders stuck..ok the joys! BUT, we should be thankful for the moisture, I do know that :)