Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fifteen Ways My Farmer and I Are Different

I love all things Pioneer Woman - her cookbooks, her TV show, cast iron skillets and of course her blog - and last week she had a blog post called "Fifteen Ways Marlboro Man and I are Different."  In the post she lists fifteen ways in which her and her husband are different and ended the post with a challenge to think about the ways you and your love are different.

So I did some thinking and decided to post my "Fifteen Ways" My Farmer and I are different:

  1. He is a Red Case IH man.  I am a Green John Deere gal.
  2. He is always dreaming about building more hog houses.  I am always dreaming about building an actual house for our family to live in.
  3. He grew up United Church of Christ.  I grew up Missouri Synod Lutheran.
  4. He drinks coffee and bottles of Diet Mountain Dew to make it through the day.  I drink water and milk to make it through the day (with the occasional Caffeine Free Diet Mountain Dew).
  5. He grabs a snack from the cupboard and goes along his way.  I try to grab a snack from the cupboard but there is an empty box that is left in there...
  6. He doesn't take naps because he'd never get up if he did.  I love taking Sunday afternoon naps.
  7. He watches NCIS rerun marathons on Sundays.  I watch the Food Network on Sundays.
  8. He falls asleep quickly and hard.  I fall asleep eventually and hear everything that goes on all night long.
  9. He can't stay in the house all day - he must get out and do something.  I look forward and try to have one day a week where I never have to leave the house.
  10. He goes shopping with one thing on his list initially and comes out of the store with a cart load.  I take a list with me shopping and buy only what is on the list.
  11. He likes to try new menu items at restaurants.  I order the same thing at restaurants once I have found something that I like.
  12. He likes it when I make "classic" foods for meals at home (aka meat and potatoes, casseroles, etc.).  I love trying new recipes and eating a variety of foods at home.
  13. He is laid back about most things.  I am very structured about most things and a huge list maker.
  14. He is quiet in a public setting and the life of the party when around friends.  I am pretty outgoing and you may even call me "loud" in a public setting and I love hosting the party when around friends.
  15. He "watches" sports for the good food and drinks.  I watch sports to see who wins and get into the game.
How are you and your love different?  How are you the same?  Do any of our "Fifteen Ways" remind you or you and your love?

My Farmer and I at Baconfest in February
One thing we aren't different on is our love for Bacon!
(Once you have kids you don't take as many photos of just the "two of you"...)


  1. LOVE! And cracked up at the "two of you" photo comment. Truth! :)

    1. Isn't it though! Sometimes it is hard enough to remember to take a family photo of not just the kids and include us - the parents, let alone remember to take a photo of just the "two of us"!

  2. These are great!! And I love your shirt-as soon as I saw it, I knew exactly what it says, because Patrick has the same bumper sticker on his semi that he hauls grain with. Cause starvation sucks!!