Friday, October 25, 2013

Farm Friday

Time for a farm update with photos: 
Corn and soybean harvest continues on the farm this week.  We are about 85% done with soybeans and about 20% done with corn.  Our soybeans have been doing really well, which makes us really happy that we planted the most soybeans than we have in probably the last 10 years or more.  Our corn has been doing okay; we're hoping that things get better as we harvest more fields.  (By the way, farmers are eternal optimists!)  With the snow that came earlier this week, I do have to say, this is the only year since My Farmer and I started farming ourselves that both spring planting and fall harvest were delayed due to snow!  What are the chances?  Beside harvest, we've also been keeping busy with our hogs and got in some new pigs a couple days ago.

Combining Soybeans
Combining Soybeans at Dusk
Combining Corn
Combining Corn and Catching On-The-Go
(When I'm out in the field helping I drive the tractor and wagon -
aka the catch cart.  The catch cart then brings the grain over to
another set of wagons or semi-truck to be hauled into town or the grain bins.)
LP and MP sitting in the tractor waiting for the combine
Hope you all have a great weekend and stay safe!


  1. We're always delayed because of weather! And yes, we are eternal optimists; we wouldn't be farmers if we weren't!

    1. Optimism is a job requirement I think to be a farmer!

  2. Looks like LP is ready to drive!