Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Calm Before the Storm

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, "the calm before the storm" means: a quiet or peaceful period before a period during which there is great activity.  I think that can perfectly describe this time period for my family and I, right now, before fall harvest begins.  We are in a time period where we are planning and getting things ready for a busy phase of our year, and at the same time, we are able to get out an have a little fun before we'll be in the field, God willing, beginning at the end of this month and ending hopefully by Thanksgiving.

As for the harvest planning, we've primarily been busy getting our combine ready so we'll be able to harvest our corn and soybeans.  We went to a combine clinic (where you get information to help your combine preform better and more efficiently, as well as general harvest information and tips) last week and just today we bought a new grain wagon (which My Farmer followed up with, Happy Birthday!).  I am actually really excited for the new grain wagon because it will be "mine".  I am the grain wagon driver during harvest.  I follow the combine along passes through the field to catch the grain, and then I dump the grain into our semi-truck or grain wagons to be hauled to a grain bin for storage or directly to a grain elevator or ethanol plant.  This new wagon has the capacity of a semi-truck and has a meter on it so you can keep track of bushels and weight straight out of the field!

Our family tailgating last Saturday at Iowa State
JP and MP in the Stroller with My Farmer
and LP and I on the other side of Cy
On the home front, the kids and I have been in a really good flow and schedule since school started, and knock on wood, we've even been keeping up on our cleaning schedule.  We also, have even been able to get away from the farm to have a little fun with both family and friends!  Last weekend one highlight was that we headed to My Farmer's and my alma mater, Iowa State University, to tailgate and watch a Cyclone football victory.  Before we expect the corn and soybeans to be dry enough to start harvesting, we are looking forward to another game, our church's annual ice cream social, and a college friend's wedding.

So for now, I'm enjoying the little things, and peace, before we get busy with harvest.  (Now as I get ready to hit publish on this post, I hope this post doesn't jink the calmness and good flow we've been having lately, or my expectations for harvest to begin and end...)  What are some "calm before the storm" moments you have or have had?  Is your September easy-going or busy?  Remember to Comment for a Cause!


  1. Harvest is such a wonderful time of year! Enjoy it even though its so busy! Love all of your Iowa State Shirts! ( my brother went there)

    1. I'm always excited when harvest arrives, and enjoy being in the field everyday. But it is a different pace of life for our family :)

  2. Sounds like you have been squeezing in as much fun as possible before it all starts up!

  3. Love hearing the update and enjoy your "calm"! I still get a little melancholy when harvest starts and I'm not "in" on the action! But, it's nice when it's 5PM and I go home! ;-)

  4. I was busily cleaning bathroom this morning with a plan to stitch this afternoon and caught my fingernail and ripped it loose and it bled a lot!And its now throbbing. So now I'm reading my email. Great cause this month. Enjoy this funtime w those kiddos and that newwagon!

  5. Congrats on the new wagon! I also love that pic of your three littles :)

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