Friday, August 18, 2017

Fun at the Omaha Children's Museum

*I received complimentary admission to facilitate this review.  
All views and opinions shared are my own.*

Last weekend my family and I traveled to Omaha, Nebraska for a family vacation, so this weekend I'll be sharing a few posts about some of the places we visited.  The first place we visited was the Omaha Children's Museum.  It's a place for your children to explore, create and have fun.

Omaha Children's Museum - a place for families to explore, create and have fun #OmahaWeekend

After entering the doors of the Omaha Children's Museum our kids could hardly contain their excitement and eagerness to explore.  The museum is nicely laid out so you can make your way throughout each floor and not miss a single exhibit.

Omaha Children's Museum's Super Gravitron Ball Machine
The Super Gravitron Ball Machine
Having kids ages 6 to 1 year old, I appreciated that the Omaha Children's Museum had activities where all of my kids could play in the same space.  One of those spots was the Charlie Campbell Science & Technology Center.  The main attraction in that space was the Super Gravitron Ball Machine seen above.  All four of our kids had fun putting balls into the machine, following the balls through the machine and then catching the balls as they dropped.

Omaha Children's Museum's Imagination Playground
Platte River Water Table in the Imagination Playground
Another area that was perfect for our family was the Imagination Playground.  Our youngest two, ages 2 and 1, couldn't get enough of the OCM Engine House No. 1.  They loved pretending to drive the fire truck and going through the firehouse climbing structure.  Our 4 year old Miss A enjoyed playing pretend at the Grocery Store, Omaha Steaks Grill Station, Farm House and Hospital.  Mr. K our 6 year old could have stayed all day at the Platte River Water Table.  In fact, after we went through the entire museum we let the kids go back to one exhibit and this is where he returned.  He loved figuring out how to change the direction and movement of the river to turn turbines and generate power.

Omaha Children's Museum's Moving with Light
Dancing and "Moving with Light"
The Omaha Children's Museum has a great mix of both permanent and traveling exhibits.  They also have a great line-up of special events, programs and camps available.  If you are traveling to Omaha or live close by, I encourage you to check out their schedule and make a visit with your family.  Our family spent 5 hours at the Children's Museum, which included having a picnic outside of the museum at some of their tables and benches available.  At the Omaha Children's Museum your family is guaranteed to have a fun time and you may even luck out by having a couple sleeping kids by the end of your visit. 😉

So much fun at the Omaha Children's Museum, it may lead to sleeping kids
Miss R and Miss L had so much fun at the Omaha Children's Museum
they couldn't handle anymore and had to take a nap 😉
What do you look for in a Children's Museum?  Be sure to check out the Omaha Children's Museum on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and remember to Comment for a Cause.

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Omaha Children's Museum - a place for families to explore, create and have fun #OmahaWeekend #funatOCM


  1. We have never visited Omaha before. The kids look like they are having such a blast. And what a cool museum!

    1. Omaha had always been on our radar but this was the first time we had ever been. It was a great time!

  2. I'm so glad you got to visit the museum! It's such a fun place, and I always recommend visiting families go there.

    1. It is a great spot for the entire family. I found the entire town of Omaha to be very family friendly.

  3. My little dude would love this too! It looks like a blast!

    1. Have you been to any Children's Museums with your son yet? Our kids love them!

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