Monday, August 6, 2018

#Celebrate365 Farmers Market Inspiration

Did you know that this week is National Farmers Market Week?  My Celebrate 365 co-hosts (Carlee from Cooking with Carlee, Jan of The Tip Garden and Nicole of Tales of a Kansas Farm Mom) and I were so excited to find out about it that we decided to host a blog party full of garden fresh and farmers market inspired recipes!

#Celebrate365 Farmers Market Inspiration

I love this time of year because there is so much variety and choices available for fresh produce.  I love being able to walk out to my garden and get some tomatoes for a BLT at dinner, freeze sweet corn, and can pickles with cucumbers from my garden.

Bread & Butter Pickles - Farmers Market Inspiration #Celebrate365

And besides getting fresh vegetables from my own garden, I love exploring my local and even regional farmers markets for meal inspiration and to try new foods.  I love making my Farmers Market Quiche with whatever I can find at the farmers market on any given day.  It is perfect for any meal - breakfast, Sunday dinner or supper!

Farmers Market Quiche - Farmers Market Inspiration #Celebrate365

So now I want to hear from you!  Bloggers are welcome to link-up all of their garden and farmers market posts.  I can't wait to get inspired by all of your fresh recipes full of your favorite garden and farmers market fruits and vegetables!

How often do you visit your local farmers market?  How far do you have to travel to find a farmers market?  Remember to Comment for a Cause and link up your best posts!


  1. We visit local farmers market twice a week, only 3.5 km.


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