Saturday, June 8, 2019

2019 Family Summer Bucket List + FREE Printable

Summer is officially here for our family.  The kids got out of school yesterday so we sat down to make our annual Summer Bucket List!

2019 Family Summer Bucket List + FREE Printable'

Create your own Summer Bucket List with my FREE Printable
Every list person's fantasy - bullet notes and calendar space to put annul events and activities so you can think how to schedule everything 😉

For the last couple of years we have used this template and we found the best success with it.  It helped us narrow down our ideas, and it also helped up plan out and think through our activities monthly.  Our Summer Bucket Lists over the years (2018, 20172016201520142013) have not only created a lot of great memories, but several have even become family traditions.

So let's dig into the list a little bit further!  The first three all focus on having some summer fun in the water.  Summer isn't complete without a few trips to the pool.  We are lucky to have two public pools within 15 minutes from us and a lake within 30 minutes.  We also have a Splash Pad in the town we live outside of that opened up last summer.  And our oldest daughter Miss A got a slip and slide for her birthday that all of the kids can't wait to try out.  Between all of these water options, I think it'll be easy for us to stay cool this summer at home or a short drive away.

Next up is to have an Oreo and Milk Taste Test. If you follow my Facebook Page you know that my kids and I love to do Oreo Taste Tests each time new Limited Edition flavors come out.  We currently have a package of S'mores Oreos waiting to be taste tested but we'll wait til we get a couple more new flavors.  We also got the idea from one of my Facebook fans to do a flavored milk taste test with the classic Oreo, so we plan on doing that this summer too!

We also have a few day trips planned for this summer.  We are looking forward to visiting Living History Farms this summer with one of my Grandmas (and if we're lucky, maybe my other Grandma will be volunteering there that day!).  We also want to be a tourist in our backyard by checking out the sights and attractions in Mason City and/or Clear Lake, and by going to the Fossil Park in Rockford.

The kids also included growing a garden on this year's bucket list.  We have a garden every year and planted ours in late May.  Our goal this year is to stay on top of taking care of our gardens which include strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, pumpkins, gourds and flowers.

Each month we also have a couple events we're planning on doing.  For June, we have already signed up for our local library's summer reading program and are looking forward to some of their activities and special events planned.  We also are planning on doing our annual Iowa Ice Cream Road Trip in honor of National Dairy Month.  We went to our first stop yesterday!  In July we're looking forward to participating in the Franklin County Fair and by going on our family's annual summer vacation.  This year we are planning on road tripping out to Ohio!  And to finish our summer in August we are looking forward to going to VBS and the Iowa State Fair.

What is on your summer bucket list?  Also, where do you recommend our family go to on our Ohio vacation?


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