Saturday, October 10, 2020

Realizing I don't have to do it all

 Anyone else have a hard time asking for help?  Do you know what, we don't have to do it all!

Give yourself grace and ask for help

As I get older I am realizing this more.  Between driving tractor all day during harvest, having four kids in school during an unpredictable year, trying to keep my family fed and in clean clothes, and attempting to keep my house presentable... I realized something need to give.

Harvest time is a busy and stressful season so why was I trying to stress myself out by thinking I needed to do it all!  I needed help and needed to give something up.  And for me it was field meals.

"Field Meals" is something we provide for our entire family and farm crew during harvest, usually consisting of a cold meat sandwich meal at noon and a hot meal at supper.  I love cooking and baking but being out in the field 12 hours a day made this job more of a stress than a joy.  So I hired it out!  And it's been one of the best business decisions I have ever made.  I hired one of our neighbors to make and deliver our meals daily and it has been wonderful.  Now I can spend my limited time and energy I have at home doing the things I love, like spending time with my kids, and not stressing over what to eat.  It has been a huge blessing this harvest and I'm forever thankful for Kyla helping me out.

So give yourself some grace and be brave enough to ask for help.  Strong people learn to ask for help.  It may hurt, but you'll find others actually find great joy in helping you.  What is something you could or do outsource?


  1. It can definitely be hard to ask for help, especially when you've always take great pride in "getting it all done." I am so glad you were able to get some help, I am sure it is a win win situation for everyone!

    1. Exactly! And it has been a huge win for both parties!

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