Wednesday, November 18, 2020

10 products you need to buy at Kwik Star other than fuel

When Kwik Star entered my life five years ago I never knew I'd become such a faithful shopper for everything from fuel for my vehicle, to bananas for my daily breakfast, to kitchen staples like milk, eggs and butter.  It has been fun to see the growth and expansion of Kwik Stars across Iowa and sharing with family and friends when they get a new store close to them what deals they should look for and what my family's favorite products are.

10 products you need to buy at Kwik Star other than fuel

Kwik Star (known as Kwik Trip in Wisconsin and Minnesota) has just over 700 Kwik Trip/Star stores in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa and will be opening stores in Illinois soon.  So when one of these new convenience stores opens up in your neighborhood you might be wondering where to start, or what all the hype is about?

Well, I'm here to share with you my family's Top 10 products to buy!  There are so many great grocery and convenience foods at Kwik Star but here is at least a start to check out!

10 products you need to buy at Kwik Star other than fuel

  1. Bagged Milk - That's right, get your milk in a bag at Kwik Star and you'll never go back to a carton or plastic jug again.  All of Kwik Star's milk is sourced from dairy farms within a 100 mile radius of their headquarters in La Crosse, Wisconsin, right in the middle of dairy country.  Not only does my family find their milk delicious in flavor, it is also economical.  The half-gallon bags are a cheaper option compared to the jugs and I love how many bags I can stack in my fridge.  Kwik Star also provides pitchers to go with your milk so you can easily pour.  The only downside of bagged milk is that it isn't as easy to drink out of the "jug"...
  2. Ice Cream - You can be sure to find a couple containers of Kwik Star's private-label Nature's Touch ice cream in our freezer at all times.  Our family's favorite flavors currently are Chocolate Dream and Caramel Pecan Turtle.  We also love their seasonal flavors, including Candy Bar in the summer!
  3. Bananas - Now you might be wondering why I recommend getting their bananas, but at $0.39 (or less) a pound you can't go wrong!  Plus if you are a Rewards Member (which you should be) you can get a free pound on a regular basis.
  4. Pizza - We love Kwik Star's Kitchen Cravings Take-And-Bake Pizzas as well as their frozen Pothole Pizza.  Both pizzas have lots of cheese and meat on them.  We love their Pepperoni & Sausage Traditional Take-And-Bake, BBQ Chicken Thin Crust Take-And-Bake and Pothole Meat Sweats.
  5. Donuts - Glazers, Dunkers, Cake, Long Johns - you can't go wrong with any of them.  Plus they are always priced right and often have great deals.  Fun fact: the Kwikery Bakery in La Crosse, Wisconsin produces over 2 Million donuts every week!
  6. Eggs - Kwik Star Eggs are always priced right so be sure to check them out.  I got a dozen this week for $0.99.
  7. Butter - This is another kitchen staple that I always get at Kwik Star because it's always priced nice.  I got a pound of quartered butter this week for $1.99.
  8. Honey Wheat Bread - Kwik Star offers a large variety of bread flavors but our family's personal favorite is their Honey Wheat.  It's a delicious wheat bread with just a touch of honey to sweeten it.
  9. French Rolls - Another bread product we love from Kwik Star is their French Rolls.  We use these as small hoagie buns or turn them into garlic bread.  They're just the right size!
  10. Chicken - There are many concessions foods we love at Kwik Star but our family's overall favorite is their fried chicken.  Each store hand-breads and fries the chicken in store so you can always count on fresh, crunchy and juicy chicken anytime you stop.
Do you have a Kwik Star/Trip near you?  What's your favorite product to buy at the store?  If you're like my family at all, I'm sure you'll hear "see ya next time" very soon.


  1. Replies
    1. It is a great place and I'm really lucky that my local store is across the road from my grocery store. So when I go on my weekly grocery run I make two lists for both sides of the street.

  2. Replies
    1. Darn! If only you still lived in North Iowa - Between Mason City and Clear Lake I think there are five now!

  3. The bagged milk for sure. Eggs too. Now they are on sale cheaper than Aldi’s last week And their coupons each month often has free stuff. Plus gas!!

    1. I love their bagged milk too! They always do a great job giving deals on eggs and butter during the holidays!

  4. Do they all have E85 ethanol? I see the one in Fort Dodge does. Now I will add it to my list to refuel as well as grab lunch or donuts.

    1. Many of them do offer E85. I'm not sure all of them do, but it does seem like all of their new stores offer it.


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