Friday, January 20, 2012

Farm Friday

I have decided to start a new regular posting - Farm Friday!  On Fridays I will show different things that My Farmer and I are up to on the farm.

For my first Farm Friday post I figured I'd explain our hog operation.  My Farmer and I have a 2400 head finishing site.

Photo obviously taken during the summer, way too cold to take a photo today...

As you can see the site has two buildings and an office on it.  Our buildings have an auto-sort system in them where the hogs walk through a scale to get to the "food court" area.

My Farmer checking the feeders in the "Food Court"

When they are done in the food court they can leave and hang out in a "lounge" area.

Lots of space for the pigs to explore

When the hogs are near a market weight of 270 pounds we turn on the scales a couple days before they are scheduled to go to market.  The scales will sort out the hogs that are ready to go to market into a separate lounge area than the ones that still need some time.  This reduces some of our sorting labor in preparation to bring pigs to market.

Our dog Bailey helping with chores

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