Saturday, January 7, 2012

Land Auction

Last week My Farmer attended a local land auction where he and my father-in-law were interested in the two pieces of land going up for sale.  When he got back home after the auction the big news wasn't necessarily who ended up purchasing the tracks of land, but that NBC National News was at the auction.  Earlier in the week I talked about one aspect of having the Iowa Caucuses is that the national media highlights the state - this includes them traveling around the state finding non-caucus stories and that is what brought the Rock Center crew to our local town of 400 people.  Field$ of Dream$

It is no surprise that the national news was interested in the land auction.  Farmland values are on the rise in Iowa.  Farm income has risen in recent years due to strong commodity prices.  Just like any business, when there has been a rise in income, you make updates and upgrades.  Farmers are doing just the same by updating equipment and are looking to expand their operations.

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