Monday, January 23, 2012

I Have to Disagree with Yahoo!

Last week Yahoo! released an article about the top five College Majors That Are Useless.  The article sites that degrees in business, accounting and IT are good majors to choose as they can be applied to a variety of fields, which I agree with, but I disagree with them putting agriculture majors (Agriculture, Animal Science, Horticulture) as three of the top five degrees to avoid!

The Yahoo! article states that jobs in agriculture have little to no projected job growth.  My response to Yahoo! is with a growing need for more food as the population grows, how does that not equal an area with job growth?

Other reasons I see Agriculture as a great major is there is a high interest in the field of bio-sciences and agriculture is the largest employer in the nation.  I graduated from Iowa State University and the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences always has the highest employment percentage for recent graduates for the university.  And why wouldn't the College of Ag have a high employment rating when there is a high demand for ag graduates, who come from a wide variety of majors.

I can't find any reason not to be in agriculture and I am proud to hold a Agriculture Education/Communications degree and to be working in agriculture!

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