Monday, February 20, 2012

Bailey, the best farm dog

I believe a must-have asset to every farm is a good farm dog and on our farm we have a four year old golden retriever named Bailey.

Now Bailey might not be a "working" dog, but she does give our entire family companionship, entertainment and constant love.  She is a self-reliant, loving dog who loves to hunt around and protect her farm.  I found out that today is "Love Your Pet Day," so I figured I had to dedicate a post to Bailey.  In honor of Bailey, here is the top three reasons to have a farm dog:

#3:  No matter what they look like, they will always make you smile.  Dogs are a lot of fun and are entertaining.  (Bailey has been covered in mud, dead animal, skunk spray, and you can only guess what over the years...)

#2:  They always make you feel important and wanted.  (Bailey sits by the mailbox and waits for us to come home when we are gone.  Once she sees us pull in the drive, she races to the garage, that way when you open the door you can pet her.)

#1:  They are 24/7 guardians.  (Bailey is always watching out and over our entire family.  I love to see Bailey with LP.)

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