Friday, February 24, 2012

Farm Friday

Today is a very exciting day for us on the farm.

#1 - LP turned one year old today!  What fun and exciting things does LP see in his future?  
  • His birthday party with family on Sunday.  (I'm planning on posting some photos from that afterwards.)
  • His first haircut.
  • His first happy meal.
Rise and Shine!  I am now 1 year old!
#2 - I helped plan and lead our county Farm Bureau's National Food Checkout Week event this morning.  In the past our county went to our local grocery store gave people back the farmer's share of their grocery bill.  This was a nice event and made people aware that only 12 cents out of every dollar of food was earned by farmers.  But we decided it was time to try something new, create more awareness for National Food Checkout Week and help those less fortunate than others.  So we had our first annual "Breakfast Battle - Taking a Morning Break to Provide Meals for Franklin County Families."
We had 10 business teams and 3 FFA chapter teams of three members each race around the store to find breakfast, dinner and supper for a family ranging between $45 and $50 in the fastest amount of time.  Each team created their own menu and when they got to the checkout if they had over $50 worth of groceries, they had to take something out of their cart.  And vice versa, if they didn't have $45 worth of groceries, they had to go back into the store and collect something more to go with their menu.  Teams were given a chance to take 10 seconds off their time by answering Food Check-Out Week trivia correctly or by being our Facebook poll "Fan Favorite" winner.  We worked with the two food pantries in the county and had all 13 day's worth of meals delivered to families in the need that morning, that way the teams could get perishable items such as dairy, meat and produce.

The event was a lot of fun and created a lot of awareness for National Food Check-Out Week, as well as the need that our food pantries have all year long.  Our county Farm Bureau also collected food and monetary donations throughout the week for the food pantries.  We had a great time this morning at the event and look forward to making this an annual event.  Can't wait for the 2nd Annual Breakfast Battle in 2013!  If you want to check out more about the Franklin County Farm Bureau's Breakfast Battle check out our Facebook page or read the article in the Mason City Globe Gazette.




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