Tuesday, February 14, 2012

No Trip to the Emergency Room This Year!

I am proud to report that there was no Valentine's Day trip to the emergency room this year for our family!  Today marked the second anniversary of a grease fire that left some permanent damage to My Farmer's hand, scars on our dog's head and the loss of one of my favorite sweaters...  I don't need to go too deep into the story, so the lesson for everyone is to grab the baking soda when you have a grease fire!

Anyways onto this year, we had a very nice Valentine's Day that started with some heart shaped cinnamon rolls...
Thank you pinterest for the simple idea!
And finished with a great Valentine's Day supper that included our traditional Valentine's Day appetizer - fried pickles and traditional dessert - chocolate melting cake, paired with bacon wrapped pork loin and bacon macaroni & cheese.  My Farmer loves bacon, and I figured since this is the holiday of love, I better make him something with bacon!  And since this was our first Valentine's Day with LP, I figured I'd better include one of his favorite foods too!


I had a great Valentine's Day and feel very blessed to have two Valentine's this year!

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