Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Full Social Media Plate

Within the last two months I feel like I have filled my "social media plate."  My social media timeline would go like this:
  • 2004 - Facebook.  I started a facebook account when it came to Iowa State University when I was a sophomore in school, back in the day that it was only at colleges.  I have seen facebook go through many changes, but through it all I would say I am very comfortable with facebook.
  • 2009 - LinkedIn.  I started a LinkedIn account after I found out about the social media by being involved with a leadership group.  I joined because this leadership group created a LinkedIn group on it.  I get a lot of ideas for the independent contract projects I do from the groups I am a member of; I love being able to ask questions to other professional and network with people I have worked with.
  • 2012 - Blog.  I started this blog on January 1st after a long time of thinking about doing it.  I am really enjoying blogging and would now consider myself a blogger.
  • 2012 - Twitter.  I started a Twitter account on January 24th after My Farmer convinced me that following people, such as ag marketing services, was benefit enough to begin an account.  I was always a twitter holdout but now that I'm learning the ropes of tweeting I can see the advantages to using this social media.
  • 2012 - Pinterest.  I started Pinterest at the beginning of February after being asked to give a presentation to a group of farm women on how I use social media and why to get involved.  I wanted to tell the women about Pinterest so I figured I'd better join.  Now that I'm on it - I love it!  It is great to store ideas in one place.
So as you can see, my social media plate is now pretty full!

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