Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rules of a Farmer (How to Have a Happy Farm Wife)

I received a lot of attention and comments from my Rules of a Farm Wife (Spring Edition) blog post last week.  After My Farmer read it, he figured he needed to write one for all the farmers out there.  Just like the rules I wrote, these are meant to be fun and at the same time give helpful hints to have a happy spring or harvest.  These too can be used for both farmers and non-farmers.  So here is My Farmer's "Rules of a Farmer (How to Have a Happy Farm Wife)":
  1. Communication.  Be mindful of how you talk to your wife while she is helping you on the farm.  Don't yell at her like she's just another farm hand.  She is the one who feeds you, watches out for you, etc.  Think of her as a partner, more than just help.  Unlike other farm hands, she has no problem leaving the field and going home.
  2. Check-in.  It is easy to get distracted with the day and all of sudden you get home and everyone is in bed or ready to go to bed.  Be sure to give your wife a call now and then to just check-in.  Auto-steer is a great technology that makes it easier to make these important phone calls from time to time.
  3. Home Sweet Home.  Remember to leave your day at the door.  When you come home at the end of the day engage with those at home.  Keep your wife in tune with what is going on on the farm, but don't leash out all of your frustrations on her.
  4. Mum is the Word.  No matter what you do, never, and I mean never, compare your wife to your Mom.  Never say, "well my Mom does it this way" or "I like my Mom's better."  This will never end well.  Period.
The saying still is "Happy Wife.  Happy Life."

I think this just shows that marriage is a partnership.  Just to show how much we are a partnership, I typed this up for my husband as he told me his ideas and thoughts over the last several days...


  1. You two sound like a very loving farm family! Great advice.......just too bad some "old" farmers don't live by these codes, they would have much happier "partners - marriage and farming". Bless you Val and hubby!

  2. Thanks! To be a successful farm family I believe you have to look at each other as partners in all of life and to always look to God for strength and guidance.

  3. Why are farmers so distracted that they cant call their wives? Isnt everyone busy in our fast paced society?

    1. Yes, it seems like everyone is busy, but I feel like farmers don't give themselves "breaks" like others might do. I say if you want your farmer to call you more, tell him you want him to keep you updated more.