Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy May Day

Happy May Day from my family to yours!  I always remember making May Day baskets with my sisters and Mom when I was growing up for the neighbor kids (which meant we drove around a five mile radius to deliver them).  We would hop in the car, drop them off, knock on the door and run to the car before anyone could catch us, that way we wouldn't have to be kissed by any of them!  Since LP is kind of old enough to do it this year, we made May Day baskets for three of our neighbor kids.  We also helped make May Day baskets for shut-ins and members of our church in nursing homes in Sunday School this past Sunday.  Making the May Day baskets was a fun thing to do for our neighbors and members of our church.  If anything results from them, I hope it at least makes everyone smile.

By the way, no kissing occurred during the delivery of the May Day baskets!

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