Monday, May 28, 2012

Remember Our Fallen Heroes On Memorial Day

As you enjoy your Memorial Day today, please remember those that have died in battle so we can celebrate today and all year long, because of the freedom our military have given us.  Also, pay respect to those that have served or are serving in our armed services.  I am especially giving thanks for my sister Rachel and brother-in-law Brandon who both are currently serving in the Army National Guard and Marine Reserves respectively.

In honor of Memorial Day I'd like to share a photo and a moment that My Farmer and I experienced earlier this year.  In March, My Farmer and I travel to Washington DC on a legislative trip with the Iowa Farm Bureau.  While on the trip we had some time to do some sight seeing, so one night we went on a bus tour.  One of the stops was at the Vietnam Memorial.  The travel guide said that there was a book near the memorial that listed every name on the Vietnam Memorial wall but that it would be hard to find a person's name at night, because they don't have very much light on the memorial in the evening.  My Farmer and I decided that we'd try anyway.  My Farmer's Mom's brother died in Vietnam.  He was my Mother-in-law's only sibling.  So we looked up Roger's name in the book, and it must have been meant to be that we find his name, because we counted to which section of the wall he was on and as soon as we got there we immediately found his name.

I'd like to end today's post with the litany from our church service out at the cemetery yesterday:

Let us give thanks to God for the land of our birth with all its chartered liberties.  For all the wonder of our country's story:
We give you thanks, O God.
For leaders in nation and state, and for those who in days past and in these present times have labored for the commonwealth:
We give you thanks, O God.
For those who in all times and places have been true and brave, and in the world's common ways have lived upright lives and ministered to their fellows:
We give you thanks, O God.
For those who served their country in its hour of need, and especially for those who gave even their lives in that service:
We give you thanks, O God.
Almighty God and most merciful Father, as we remember these your servants, remembering with gratitude their courage and strength, we hold before you those who mourn them.  Look upon your bereaved servants with your mercy.  As this day brings them memories of those they have lost awhile, may it also bring your consolation and the assurance that their loved ones are alive now and forever in your living presence.

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