Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Rules of a Farm Wife (Spring Edition)

I thought about doing a blog for a couple years before I actually started.  One of the main reasons I thought about doing a blog was to share my thoughts and ideas on how to survive the planting and harvest seasons with other farm wives.  Today, I'm going to do just that.  I'm going to share five "rules" that I try to follow, especially during the planting season.  These are meant to be fun and at the same time give helpful hints to have a happy spring.
  1. Text Message.  Find out information and details from your husband through text messaging during the day.  You husband stays busy fixing equipment, driving tractors, giving directions to hired help, etc. and sometimes a phone call takes too much time for him or happens when he doesn't have an extra hand to answer it.  If he wants to talk, he will call you (which there are times he will call just to chat and see how things are going with you).  I personally only call My Farmer if I absolutely need an answer from him right away.  If you both have Blackberry phones I recommend using Blackberry Messenger.  This program allows you to see if they have read your message or text.  (My Farmer and I both now have Androids but I enjoyed this feature when we use to have Blackberry phones.)
  2. Downtime.  When your husband comes home, especially when he's been gone from before sunrise to late at night, it is easy to start talking to him as soon as he comes in the door about the kids, things that went wrong during the day, funny stories to share, etc.  Instead, take a breath, greet him with a hi and tell him that it is good to see him.  A kiss is always good to give him too!  Then give him at least five minutes to decompress from his day.  Then ask him how his day went and ask him how you can help him.  Also, avoid asking your husband to do any chores or honey-dos, avoid correcting your husband over something, and avoid using sarcasm (he might be too tired to catch on).
  3. Food.  Always have food available in your home that can be taken on the go or ate at home.  Also, have food supplies around to be able to feed just your family, or an entire army of hired help.  My Farmer also enjoys having thermoses of coffee in the morning and bottled pop and water in the afternoon and evening, so I always keep a good stock of bottled beverages and gather thermoses from pick-ups and tractors.  My husband also likes to eat a little something when he comes home late at night, so I always have a few things he can choose from.  I recommend to bake, make or buy his favorite foods.
  4. Laundry.  Not that you aren't keeping up on laundry throughout the year, but especially keep up on his laundry during busy seasons like spring planting.  He could start the day needing a sweatshirt and by the end of the day be wishing he was in shorts.  Make his life as easy as possible at home by him not having to dig through laundry to find something to wear.  Have clothes folded and available for him to easily find and get.
  5. Compliment.  Your husband is working really hard during this season, so be sure to thank him for working so hard for your family.  Tell him that you are so happy to be married to him and that you feel lucky to be his wife.
The old saying is "Happy Wife, Happy Life," well I think the saying should be "Happy Farmer, Happy Life." I realize it doesn't rhyme but I couldn't figure out how to make charmer or armor work...  Anyways, just remember to take it easy on your husband during this time of year.  Put yourself in his shoes.  And above all, pray for wisdom for being his wife and safety for everyone working hard on the farm.

Happy Farmer, Happy Life


  1. If 2 people have iPhones, there is a thing called iChat that it a free service like Blackberry Messenger. Another nice feature if you are apart for awhile, you can do what is called "face time" which is like a phone call, but you can see each other. Another great feature for iPhones.

  2. Great post! I think a couple of these rules apply to non-farm wives, too. I know my husband appreciates a little "down time" when he gets home, so I try to stop myself from talking his ear off -- even though I'm excited to see him again at the end of our work day!

  3. I agree - I think these are great "rules" to do all year long for all wives, not just farm wives.

    During busy times of the year on the farm, like spring planting, I know farm wives can forget the fact that he is working hard for you and your family. This means he will be gone and busy for a while, but in the end, the season will finish and you can go back to your normal routine when the crops are in the ground.

  4. My husband has really large hands and texting is to hard for him (and he refuses to learn!) So I have to resort to calling. For a while I got the usual "I'm busy...greasy...another phone call...etc" Unti...I asked him how his day was and he said "I talked to Stu (our good friend and fellow farmer) for 60 acres today! It was great!" Needless to say the look on his face when he realized what he had said was priceless. We both laugh about!

  5. That is great! In the end, I think everyone can agree that you just have to figure out what works best for you and your husband.

  6. Great post! As a fellow farm wife I'm always looking for goodies (food) to have on hand. Could you please list some examples of what you keep on hand?

    1. A few goodies I always keep around are:
      - large cookies preferably ones that don't melt - My Farmer really enjoys peanut butter and monster(so you can fit three nicely in a quart ziploc bag)
      - cheese-its
      - peanut butter corn chips (pretty much you put the peanut butter, sugar and corn syrup mixture if you were making scotcheroos and you drizzle it over corn chips)
      - granola bars
      - clementines
      - apples
      - 24 oz bottled pop
      - bottled water

  7. These are GREAT! We grow wheat and raise cattle. It is planting and calving season all at the same time, and I know these are great things to live by! Can't wait to read more about your life on the farm :)