Friday, June 15, 2012

Farm Friday

This week on the farm we finished spraying Round-up on corn, as well as side-dressing corn.  We also have started spraying our soybeans with Round-up and Assure II herbicide; the Assure II kills grass and volunteer corn.  Besides doing all of this field work we have been praying for rain.  Things are extremely dry in our area and we'd love a good soak or two!

Despite the lack of rain, the corn and beans keep on growing.

To give you an idea of how tall the corn is I walked a couple rows into the corn field.  The corn is at my chest or higher, granted I'm 5'2" tall, but still, it is quite a bit higher than it looks from the road.

As for our soybeans they too have been growing nicely.

When looking close at the soybeans you can see that they are at the V3 development stage.

V3 soybean plant - 3 trifoliate leaves unrolled
One other thing I'd like to show you today is that I noticed when I was crop scouting this morning that our local cooperative was hauling corn out from its "pile."

Temporary corn pile storage is common in our area during the fall.  There is so much corn that comes into our local elevator that they don't have enough bin storage or can't truck or rail it out fast enough, so they store the corn under a covered pile.


  1. The corn is getting SO big already! They do the same stuff in the early fall with our wheat harvest. You'll see giant piles of it around because there's no room left in the bins.

  2. It is pretty neat to see those giant piles I think. The only downfall was that we had a pile a couple years ago spoil - it didn't look or smell to pretty...