Thursday, June 7, 2012

Purple, Girls, Healthy and More

You might be wondering what Purple, Girls, Healthy and More means.  Well, short answer means things have been busy this last week.  Over the next week I'm planning on talking about some of those things.

Today I'd like to explain Purple.  This past Friday my family and I participated in a Relay For Life in Boone, Iowa.

My sister Rachel, LP, brother-in-law Brandon, sister Amanda and me (my Mom was taking the photo)
Our team was in memory of one of my Dad's cousins, Denny, who passed away earlier this year from brain cancer.  The team was filled with many family members.  Here is a photo of most of our team:

Besides Denny, my family also walked in memory of my cousin Jake and my grandpa Gil.

We had a lot of fun walking all night.  Even LP walked an entire lap around the track!

The Boone relay raised $65,350.92 to FIGHT against CANCER.  If you haven't participated in a Relay yourself check out more information about Relay for Life in your area and get involved.  1 out of every 100 Americans participates in a Relay for Life event.


  1. This is great! I am a big supporter of the Relay for Life-both my mom and grandma are breast cancer survivors. What a great turnout and awesome amount of money raised!

  2. I had a great time with my family at the event. My family has participated in Relay for Life for many years but I have always been unavailable the day of the event. So it was a really exciting experience to be a part of this year.

    That is great to hear that both your Mom and Grandma are breast cancer SURVIVORS!

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